Erin Bates · @Reinbeast

18th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

Little poem written for #Fringe's finale, from

A sick child and father full of regret
A world-ending war fought in secret
Danger that will not abate

The fabric of the universe torn asunder

Gods in the lab, surpassing humanity
A man lost for years, regains faith and sanity
Shifting shades of future directions

A rather complex, emotional blender

Devastation of loss at the start
The destructive potential of a broken heart
A tapestry of human actions

August first and then September

The boy is important, a running thread
A resolution to astound the heart and the head
A pattern of love and connections

Some gave their all along the way

Years of speculation, fear, and doubt
That our favorite characters would not win out
We've taken Fringe in and not missed a beat

And through everything, a family at the core

Of strange events, of parallel worlds, and timelines rewritten
To hope, to sacrifice, and be forgiven
Always on the edge of our seats

Another tear, another Red Vine before

The last scene, last smile, and gasp
Until the last word, last moment, and laugh
We will stand at the edge of defeat

(And we will survive)

Please just one minute, one lifetime more

Having faith and forgiveness
Not giving into destiny but creating resistance
We are all enemies of fate

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