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18th Jan 2013 from Seesmic

@SkyNews To whom it may concern, Korea had the presidential election on Decem ber 19. The strong man's daughter, Kyun-ha e Park, was elected. But many Koreans affir m that the election was fraudulent and illega l. Many kinds of evidence for the affirmation were found. The important evidence is the e lectronic ballot counting. The electronic ballo t counting is obviously illegal. Agora is drivin g a signature-collecting campaign for the m anual ballot counting. The zeal of the campa ign has been as hot as to get 110,000 Kore ans to sign for the campaign. The Korean go vernment controls the press. So the Korean do not have the freedom of the press. And t he major newspapers and broadcasting stati ons do not gather or report news about the f raudulent and illegal election. I would like to earnestly ask the foreign newspapers and br oadcasting stations to gather and report ne ws about the fraudulent and illegal election. I am asking you to help in this way Korea a nd the Korean. P.S.: If you want, Jin-woo Joo (a reporter of Sisain), and Sang-ho Lee (a reporter of MBC ) can help you in collecting news about the f raudelent and illegal election of Korea. Sisain telephone # 02-3700-3200 *The Korean government is dictatorial.The Ko rean press is pressured by the government. Please gather and report news about this co ndition of the press. ▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷▷ http:// 2012skpreselection.blogspot.kr/2012/12/the-actual-vote-counting-hasnt-started.html?m=1

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