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18th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

Jan.17 Music core recording. (I didn't go. It's from DC CNB gall)

It was supposed to start at 9pm, but it was delayed to 10pm.
While fans were waiting at the lobby, there was an event. Four lucky fans were chosen and received members' stuff.
Yonghwa's bathing aroma he used, half bottle remained. Jonghyun's Running man hood shirt with name tag.
Minhyuk's drum sticks he used at I'm a loner days. Jungshin's script book of 'My daughter Seoyoung'.

A fan called Jungshin in husky voice, Jungshin was surprised and saw her, "What happened to your voice?"
Yonghwa said, "You may suffer from vocal cord nod. Shall I introduce you a good hospital?"

At 1am, Yonghwa said he would treat drinks to fans. "It's okay if I just skip lunch for two weeks."

The recording ended at 3am.

Fans were tired. Jonghyun played OST of Howl's Moving Castle by the guitar. It was so sweet.
But a fan said, "Oppa, I'm sleepy." Then Jonghyun said, "You're sleepy? then I will make you more sleepy."
Fan asked him if 'More than you' is live too, he answered they wouldn't perform live due to the time limit. His face was like he felt sorry about it.

Yonghwa said, "Stylist nuna will be praised by you today, because I'm wearing V neck."
Fan said, "Your collarbone is sexy." Yonghwa answered, "It's just a bone. Bone."
Fan asked, "Which do you prefer, coffee or Simpson?" Yonghwa was in agony for a while then answered, "Coffee!"
Fan asked again, "Then what do you like most, coffee, Simpson and Jungshin?" Yonghwa looked at Jungshin and hugged him "Of course Jungshin."
Fans shouted to Yonghwa, "You're handsome!" Then Yonghwa answered, "I know."
So fans asked again, "Then what do you not know?" Yonghwa answered, "Hmmmm love?" Fans jeered, "Boo~"
Yonghwa said, "I feel tired, my beard grew." his beard was seen to fans.
Fans asked him to take off jacket, Yonghwa said, "I don't have muscle, I am not exercising these days."

Fan asked to Jungshin, "Will you have time to sleep?"
Jungshin answered, "We will sleep anyway, at least sleep while standing." Then he pretended sleeping while standing.

Jonghyun said, "I saw a fan cheering while sleeping. You look like a frozen corpse." Then he imitated it. It was so cute.
When the stylist called him, he walked while sleeping.

Yonghwa started beat box. Jonghyun said, "I can do it too." Then he did!
He was really good at beat box. Fans were really surprised. Their beat box duet was amazing!
A fan asked him when he learned beat box, he answered he used to do it when he was young.
Fans asked him to sing 'My miracle', he sang it. Soon Yonghwa joined, two guitars and two singers.

Jonghyun said, "My shoes heel is too high. I am falling behind."

Jungshin said, "My daughter Seoyoung rating exceeded 40%. Fans sent rice cake to the filming site. Thank you."

There was a brave boy fan. He shouted very loudly, "Look here!" It was loud guy's voice, all members looked at him.
He said, "I came from gall." (DC gallary)
Jungshin asked, "Which gall? Yong gall or Ssibul gall?" (LOL 'Ssibul', the abbreviation of CNBLUE sounds like a curse (which means f*cking), So fans don't use. Shinee Jonghyun used it. Fans laughed to death.)
The boy fan answerd, "Both!"
Jonghyun and Yonghwa came close to see the boy fan. Yonghwa said, "Later we will have guy fans only."

Jungshin really knows the slang DC fans use.
When the gourp photo was taken, he called FNC staffs, "Mul Pang!" Fans almost died to hear it.
(FNC stands for 'fish and cake', so we call FNC as Mul(Mulgogi, fish) Pang (bread). How he knows it. He must come and read all articles at DC gall.)

When camera captured Jonghyun's guitar close-up, Jungshin held placard in his hand and cheered with fans.

Fans were tired, so members did their best to cheer up fans. Every break time, they came to audience seat and held fans' hands. "I'm sorry. What I can do for you now is just this."

Fans cheered with their second finger up. It looked weird to music core staffs. "Don't do that. You guys look like pointing fingers at CNBLUE."
Fans discussed what gesture to do, then fans decided to do "Sekwang's chicken leg!" (three fingers up)
The staff asked why they do this, Jungshin answered, "We have a story in it."

To shoot various angles, the camera setting took so long time.
While waiting, fans sang along 'I'm a loner' so cheerfully. and when 'You've fallen for me', all fans jumped.
The staff said, "You guys play very well."
A staff said, "Not everyone can be a star only because he debuted. When he can lead the audience in tired and exhausted situation, he really is a star. Jung Yonghwa is that kind of person. I thought he was just another idol singer, but actually he is a star."

Yonghwa said that they don't appear in Mcountdown next week either. What happened?

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