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16th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

[Jan.16 mini fan meeting after pre-recording]
They told a lot of heartwarming words to us. They are young and look cute. But actually they are matured and thoughtful.
They are busy for tight schedule, but they read all comments, know everything.
Yonghwa said, "Please don't pay attention to the malicious reply, such as guitar sound is like this or that. We know our music better than them.
I risk my life to this album. But I really don't care the ranking. I am just so happy that I can promote the title song I composed. So please just relax and enjoy."
Jonghyun said, "Please don't quarrel between fans, we are close like this."

They were asked, "What of BOICE is better than other fan clubs?"
Jungshin said, "Sing along" Yonghwa said, "BOICE have better appearance." :D

Yonghwa said, "This song has higher notes than any other songs I sang, difficult to sing.
But I was so happy that I could sing my song on TV show, so I practiced too hard. That's why my voice hurt.
I confused lyric, it's not because I didn't practice enough. As you know I wrote lyric of too many songs, so I have too many lyric in my head." :D
Minhyuk said, "You are better than who can't write lyric."

Minhyuk was MC of mini fan meeting. He rushed, so other members told him to go slow.
Minhyuk said, "I want to, but those people (SBS staff) rush me. I'm confused"
Members said, "If you're blamed a little bit, we all can be happy."

Fan's question, "When Jonghyun shows the way of falling down, (Go show) doesn't it hurt?"
Minhyuk and Jungshin laughed out loud to hear this question. Jonghyun said "It hurts to death." :D

Yonghwa said, "I love Simpson so much, I want to live in Simpson world. It looks like a paradise to me."

Fan's question, "If you were born again, whom do you want to be?"
Minhyuk answered immediately, "Yonghwa hyung! But I also want Jungshin's height and Jonghyun's face. If I chose only one, I chose Yonghwa's ability."
Junhgshin said, "I want myself again." Yonghwa and Jonghyun said, "I want myself too." Yonghwa shouted, "I got two votes!"
Jungshin blamed Minhyuk, "You need more confidence to yourself."

Question: "What's your mobile phone ring tone now?"
Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk are original tone as it was set at factory. They say they don't know how to change the ring tone.
Only Jungshin has Galaxy phone, he said he changed the ring tone this morning to 'I'm sorry.'
It was another singer's song till yesterday, but he said it's a secret, didn't say what it was.
Yonghwa said, "iphone is more than enough to me."
Minhyuk said, "I think I have original ring tone, but how can I hear it since I don't get any phone call?"

Recently Jungshin acted emotional scenes at his drama. Sungjae found his secret of birth. He practiced the scene at Japan.
He was embarrased to practice it in front of brothers, so he did it at rest room.
Yonghwa was watching Simpson movies, Jonghyun was lying on bed, suddenly they heard Ahh Awww sound from the rest room.
After that day, Jungshin's new nickname is 'Gam Jung Shin' (Emotional Shin)

Question: "Who is CNBLUE's music mentor?"
Jungshin said, "It's not funny. Give me funny question."
Jonghyun said, "My music mentor is our members."

Fans said, "Tmr, what if the traffic stop after the recording is over?"
Yonghwa said, "I'll take you taxi, Oppa is rich."

Minhyuk said, "I was expecting Coffee Shop a lot, every time new arrangement is out. Firt time I heard it, I thought it's a title song. Sadly it became number 2 track. Among all songs in this album, Coffe Shop was made first. All songs in this album were created after a lot of effort. We risked our lives to this album."
When Yonghwa talked much, Minhyuk stopped him, "You should not use your voice much." (Today Yonghwa's voice condition was not perfect.)
"Yonghwa hyung, your throat is not good, I worry if you continue to talk."
Yonghwa said, "After 3 years work, the only thing I got skilled is talking."
Jungshin said, "Your lie got skilled too."

Yonghwa said, "World tour is a preparation for Seoul concert."
Jungshin said to fans, "Did you think we would stop after world tour?"

Jonghyun is the lead guitarist and Yonghwa's music partner. He was looking at Yonghwa's face during the whole performance, he played the guitar to the tempo of Yonghwa's lips. His face was so sweet looking at Yonghwa. After each song, he came to Yonghwa and checked with serious face if any problem.

At the beginning, Yonghwa introduced the PD of Ingigayo to fans.
"When we debuted with I'm a loner, he was the director of Ingigayo. Now we comeback, I found he became the director of Ingigayo again. His birthday is same as mine, and he plays the guitar too. Once, I've played his big red guitar at Ingigayo. The guitar's name was Cherry."
(He played it at the final stage of 'Love' at Ingigayo)

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