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16th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

Jan.16 9pm, I'm at SBS Ingigayo pre-recording.
'Coffee Shop' and 'I'm sorry' for this week is over. It's break time. Soon 'I'm sorry' for 2nd week will be continued.

All members with new hair style and make up for TV show are just so much handsome.
Yonghwa said that at hair shop, he sat down and waited for 7 hours to dye his hair. He said this is his first time he decolorized hair, to remove black color then dye with blonde.
Jonghyun looked even more white with black hair, like a plaster figure.
I was just behind Minhyuk. He is too slim. He needs to get weight. He said, "I'm so embarrassed having fans behind me."
Jungshin was so fashionable. He wore fedora at 'I'm sorry' performance. He sang many part of Coffee shop and I'm sorry.

While performing coffee shop. I can hear 100% live sound. It's so amazing, much better than CD version.
Yonghwa danced a lot performing Coffee shop. He must have composed this song to dance at the concert.

At break time, they performed a lot of impromptu songs, various genre. I felt like I am at their practice room.
And Jonghyun sang two songs by himself playing the guitar, almost full song, softly, with his mellow voice. My ears melted.
At break time, mostly Yonghwa was busy to wipe sweat. Jonghyun was not sweating at all, so nothing to do.
He sat down on the edge of stage, which was very close, fans can touch his feet, he was just looking at fans' faces, it was a little bit embarrassing to those fans.

Fans sang 'Yogurt ajumma~' song (from Running man) Jonghyun immediately danced the weird step dance. And Yonghwa played this song with his guitar, so that all fans sang along.

(To be continued maybe at midnight)

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