[Trans] Kim Jaejoong 'MINE' MV will be unveiled today with "top quality expectations"

Kim Jaejoong's solo mini album title song 'MINE' will be released today at midnight on the JYJ official youtube account.

It has garnered attention that Kim Jaejoong also wrote the lyrics for the mini-album. Last Jan 8, "ONE KISS" was released online which showcased Kim Jaejoong's charming voice and outstanding singing ability. The song gained a hot response both on domestic and international charts. The high quality music video teaser with the 'Dark Angel concept' was also released last week.

C-jes entertainment said, "This is probably the most sensational video this year. The best staff was maximized to express this powerful music. The music video was filmed continuously for 60 hours full-time, with Kim Jaejoong receiving a compliment from the staff by demonstrating his ability to concentrate in spite of the threat of injury in order to come up with the best scenes."

MV director Lee Sang Gyu said,"I felt the agony and loneliness of the artist trying to build his own way while reading the lyrics. To carefully express the artist's desire, there are variety of symbolic images to substitute for philosophical image of the co-existence of good and evil within a complex inner world."

An official said, "The "MINE" music video is made by using top-class mobilization and state of the art filming equipment and CG. The MV is made up of the aforementioned symbolic images such as snakes, crows, owls, etc. A camera capable of shooting up to 5300 frames is used to capture Kim Jaejoong's emotional moments. The main set is about 10m by 25 m and is only one of the seven sets for this large scale music video."

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong's first solo mini-album, 'Mine', will be released offline on the 17th. In addition, he will hold a very special show, 'Your, My and Mind' on Jan 26-27at KINTEX Ilsan. All seats are already sold out.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130116n06884

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