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14th Jan 2013 from TweetCaster

Mixtape thanks....I would like to thank God for everything I have. Huge thanks to my grandma "Mammie" for raising a crazy kid like me, buying me guitars, taking me to all my guitar leasons, and teaching me NEVER to give up. Thank u to my best friend Frankie for sticking by my side through all the ups and downs in my life and career, real friends are forever. Thank you to Drew Alexander and his entire family for treating me like Family and taking care of me since a teenager. Thanks Morris Tancredi for believing in my vision more than anyone and for always working hard. Thank you HV for the amazing music u have blessed this mixtape with, I didn't even know how this album was going to be made. Luckily God put the pieces together and linked us up. Thank you to the Lost Boys for helping me with the first mixtape Geronimo, can't wait to do more work in the future. Thank u to my good friend Tyler Davis for filming so many music videos. Thanks Mikey Lorig for helpin me with my websites any time that I need him. Thanks Jonny Smith for all the help with anything I ever need with SMHP & AH. Thank you to Michael Markarian and staff for the hard work throughout the years. Thanks to Dayna & Everyone at Big Picture Media. Thank you Brenda Song for all the inspiration. Thank you to my Mom for all the advice and support over the years. Also for letting me be myself and do what I love. Thank you to my dad for taking me on tour as a kid and teaching me about music and the industry. You have changed my life and you will always be my biggest idol and inspiration, I will always look up to you. Thank you to my amazing siblings Brandi, Miley, Braison, and Noah. Couldn't imagine life with out all of you. And the biggest thanks to all my fans for sticking by my side since Metro Station. You all give me confidence to do things I never thought possible. I will forever write music and play shows for you. I hope you all see I do this because I truly love it. It's not for the money or the fame or anything like that. I do this for those kids who are different and need someone real to relate to. I hope I can be that person, please listen, get lost in the music and stick by my side with Ashland High.

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