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14th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] Jessica: We've greeted you all through a photoshoot, but this is our first time shooting an ad together, and we're really happy to be doing it with STONEHENgE. Does it suit us? (…) I don't know if it's because I'm the older sister, but I feel bad watching my younger sister working. My heart is at rest when she's comfortably resting at home, sleeping, and I think that's when she's most prettiest.
Krystal (when does your sister Jessica look prettiest?): When she eats
Jessica: Oh, really?
Krystal: That's when you look beautiful. There was a time where I set the table for her, and I felt really great/proud of myself.
Jessica: I ate it well
(If Jessica were to get married in real life?)
Jessica: I saw the shoot's (something), and thought about it. If I were to get married, how would I tell my little sister, but it brought tears to my eyes.
Krystal: Really? She's about to cry
Jessica: I'm sorry. I did this by myself yesterday, too. I think I'd be really sad and wouldn't want to separate from her. Sad emotions started coming up
Krystal: I think I will have to care for my sister a bit. In all aspects
Jessica: Oh, really?
Krystal: Take care of your meals, clean up, and I think she'd always call me over to her house. So, there's probably no way we'd separate
(My beautiful moment)
Jessica: I think my most beautiful smile or laugh emerges when I'm happy. So, the most happiest moment in my life, is when I spend time with people I love, and with my family. I think that is when my most peaceful, beautiful smile and laugh would emerge.
Krystal: I think the people and myself seeing a relaxed me feels beautiful, and I believe that moment is the most beautiful moment. (basically when she's relaxed)
Jessica: We are Jessica and Krystal who are working with STONEHENgE. Today's shoot was really fun, and I think this was an opportunity for us to wear couple rings, too, so I'm really happy. Please continue to love STONEHENgE, and look forward to our activities as well. (both) Thank you

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