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13th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

I can never get enough of Beyonce anyways and this song has def become one of my FaV B-jams No Doubt! "I was Here" What more could anyone possibly hope for? Our Legacy (Good or Bad) will be the one thing that will live on long after we are gone... Ever think about what yours will be?? I actually think of this often, I used to be a Funeral Director and even before Beyonce released this Amazing Jam. I can remember well being at work many days and I would sit in the back of the Chapel during the Funeral services and just listen to the Pastor or whoever happen to be delivering the Eulogy.

I would always think of this question (What will my Legacy someday be? and even more so, What would I actually want it to be?) Honestly I am more than content with what mine Will be. Its also EXACTLY what I would Want it to be about. I would be more than Happy to just simply be remembered as (My Sons Father) Without question it would have to be My Legacy. My Son is and will always be the Greatest Accomplishment Of my Life, Now til Forever! No amount of wealth, awards, or fame that this world has to offer Could even compare to what being a Dad feels like and what it means to me...
This boy is my entire world :-)


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