Last nights #FM104 situation of a potential suicide on live radio, shows none of us know when we may become involved in such a life or death crisis.

In 2011 Ireland, some 630 people died from suicide, it's acknowledged the figures are under reported and also acknowledged that 2012 saw an increase and 2013 seems to be following the pattern.

There was some criticism of the Radio station for continuing the live conversation with a poor soul about to jump to his death but my sympathy also extends to the broadcaster taking the call. Thank goodness help was got for the potential suicide.

It brought home to me three main points:

1 We never know the emotional fragility of anyone

2 Companies need a strategy in place for dealing with such crisis

3 From disgusting comments heard on the live programme, encouraging the man to jump to his death, there is a long way to go in fighting the ignorance and stigma surrounding mental health

#depressionhurts started just as a Christmas 2011 project giving online help by twitter and FB to those who needed it for themselves or family friends. It continued quietly, by need, at any time last year 6-12 people spoke to us confidentially in stages of depression to acute suicide. I'm so glad all are here and well, some still in regular contact as they battle their illness.

We launched a website with educational pack in May 2012 - it needs sharing

We launched the FREE APP at Christmas and a downloadable HELP CARD to provide 24/7 365 help, information and EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS at peoples fingertips and

We included a specific help section on bullying because we have kids from 12 killing themselves - it also covers workplace bullying

This stuff is not designed solely for those who are depressed, suicidal, bullied - WE ALL need to know about it, have some strategy in place in business, schools, organisations, sportsclubs, our homes because not knowing could mean the difference of a life being saved and some family, maybe even yours, losing a precious member.

Whether parent, teacher, employer, entertainer, writer, gadfly or any other title - please take a moment to share the links below which bring help and support and EMERGENCY CONTACTS for anyone in Ireland or the UK

If you're in the privileged position of having a voice direct to the public through Radio, TV, Press please share what may be lifesaving information.

Website Ireland & UK


Educational packs for schools/employers -

Special section on bullying

Downloadable HELP card

Thank you x

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