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11th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger


SOOYOUNG: When I first heard it, it didn't hit me as to what kind of song it was. It felt like I was dreaming.
TIFFANY: No matter how many times I listened to it, there wasn't any memorable part. Like the lyrics, there was a 'menboong'/mental breakdown. (…)
Still, they put emphasis on the positive sides of their title song. Sooyoung stated, "Personally, I don't like repetitive songs, so I liked this. While it may seem difficult at first, the more you listen to it, there is a story that we're trying to deliver. It may be strange to people who are used to repetitive 'hook songs', if you listen to it about ten times, you should gain an understanding of it."

TAEYEON: It's an album that's being released for the first time in a long while, so we went through a lot of trouble over choosing the title song in particular. We wanted to overturn the obvious expectations, that Girls' Generation would probably release a certain kind of song, and show something new. Aside from the music, isn't the natural, energetic choreography something new, too?

The lyrics in 'I Got a Boy' consists of girl talk. Tiffany stated, "I think women will sympathize with it a lot. We also talk a lot in real life." When asked what they usually talk about, Yuri explained, "We talk about things from what we ate, to personal secrets, and guys, family, work… There's no end to it. We expressed how we chat through the lyrics, melody, and choregraphy."

Soon, they started competitively talking about their ideal types.
SEOHYUN: A person who has clear ideas and goals, and pretty eyes.
HYOYEON: A person who is enthusiastic, whether it's for work or love.
SOOYOUNG: Because I'm passive, a person who can love me actively.
YOONA: A person who loves me, but displays their fighting spirit and passion.

When I commented that they seemed to choose an 'enthusiastic/aggressive' person a lot, in particular, they all agreed, "There's almost never a case where the guy approaches us first. They all consider Girls' Generation as 'difficult'. Please, approach us a bit more aggressively."

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