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11th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger


-It's been a while since you made a comeback with the name Girls' Generation.
YOONA: We prepared a lot for this album in particular, and it's a new appearance, so we're looking forward to the responses even more. We want to hurry and show everyone. It feels like time has gone by quickly, but it's nice to see everyone like this.
SEOHYUN: We wanted to show people how we've grown, musically. We wanted to do something new for the title song, so we gave it our utmost attention.

-After the title song was revealed, there were reactions that it's a difficult song, and it feels like star scores are lower than expected. It's actually receiving better responses from overseas. What do you think about this?
TIFFANY: It's only been 8 days since we've comeback. I think we need to wait a little longer for responses. When we first heard this song, we, too, felt that it was difficult. And so we listened to it again, and, the more we listened to it, the better it sounded. It's a song that gets better as you continue to listen to it, so I hope people listen to it all year long.
TAEYEON: When it comes to this song, it was a new challenge for us, too, and there are a lot of fun elements hidden within it. There are fun parts that emerge as you listen to it. As we felt it like a person we come to pass, we think others will feel the same way.

-You've become a 6-year old group now. I think there would be things that feel different from the past when you stand on stage.
TIFFANY: We've gained some composure, and we feel that our physical strength feels different. While practicing this song, our physical strength has bettered. As time goes by, I feel we have grown more, and I feel more self-esteem in the fact that we are able to show a greater us and performances. A kind of pride can be felt. As the years pile up, rather than fear, I get more of a feeling of completion/satisfaction. Working hard like this for such a long time, unchanged, I've gained more confidence.
HYOYEON: Of all the stages we've done thus far, I feel this may be the one where we have the most fun. We have a lot more composure, and we are able to enjoy it more.

-You're a group that's composed of 9 girls. There are bound to be conflicts then. Being able to overcome these conflicts is a very important aspect for a group to be able to have a long-run.
JESSICA: Whenever we get together, we chat away. Even when we aren't together, we chat via messengers and things like it. We talk about what each of us are doing at the moment, and also talk about sending one another selcas.
YURI: We always make time and talk a lot, and we are all close without any bias. These days, we talk a lot about our latest album and performances, and we talk a lot about yummy foods. (haha)"

-I think the expectations that hang from the name 'Girls' Generation' are very high. I wonder how you use these expectations effect you.
HYOYEON: For each of our new albums, we think a lot about wanting to hurry and show it. Because it means people are anticipating us a lot, it is a good stimulant, too. Of course, it's really burdensome and we worry a lot right before an album release, but it's still a grateful thing that people have expectations for us.
SUNNY: This time, I think we showed outfits and a performance that was different from what we've shown thus far. But, there are people who have said us dressing in sporty attire and dancing powerfully was sexier. That was an unexpected and we were thankful.
YURI: Because we got on stage wearing sneakers, it feels like everything we practice in our practice room comes out during our performance, so it's really comfortable and nice.
SOOYOUNG: Because in the past, we put emphasis on exposing our legs, we wanted to give a twist to people's predictions that we would probably do the same thing. We intentionally tried to avoid sexy and aggressive things. When you look at our stage outfits, it looks more like we've bundled up (compared to past outfits).

-There are a lot of things that have been achieved under the name Girls' Generation. When asked what they wanted to in the future, they said their hope is to have a 'long-run'.
JESSICA: I wish we would be able to go on with the name 'Girls' Generation' for more than 10 years. I think that's the most difficult thing. We received this question not too long ago as well, and we want to show the strengths of each member. I think Girls' Generation becomes even greater when the brand power of each individual comes together. I think doing well individually in the future will be good for the team. I also wish that everyone does well in each area they attempt.

-There is also a dream for US promotions. Girls' Generation also promoted in the US before PSY's blinding activities last year.
SOOYOUNG: I think PSY has opened an even greater path for his juniors last year. Through PSY, we've gained the feeling that we, too, could stand on better stages. I'm curious as to how much farther K-POP could reach.
YOONA: Who was first is not important, but I think that informing people about Korean music holds greater meaning. I think we've gained more opportunities thanks to PSY.
TIFFANY: No matter where you go in the world, there isn't another group composed of 9 girls. I think that diversity is one of our strongest points. Whether it's the music or performance, we want to place variety as our strong point.

-Not too long ago, there were dating rumor between Sooyoung and Wonbin. When asked what they thought of it, they showed their composure saying, "Because we knew how much of a lie it was, we weren't very surprised, but we were jealous." They delivered their words of hope to have a good year. They hope.
"We hope [people] gain strength during the beginning of the year listening to our cheerful-sounding song!!!"

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