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10th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] "I wanted to put more makeup on her. (laughs) I think we made people feel that we've matured. When fans, who've watched us since we were young, see us, I think they could be happy with us." (…)

On their music video for 'Dancing Queen', Sooyoung stated, "We were really young." Jessica added, "The performance in general was awkward." Seohyun commented, "If we're enjoying it now, back then, I think we only did the music diligently. (meaning that they wanted to perform well, rather than have fun while doing it) It was like a time where we only knew one thing." (…)

On comments that 'Girls' Generation has changed, and are sometimes arrogant', Sooyoung stated, "I think a person becoming familiar is a scary thing. The broadcast station feels like home, and it's true that we get more relaxed. There are times where people mistake a facial expression, made from either being hungry or from something bad happening, and call it being 'arrogant'. Also, if one member is in a good mood and greets someone well, and another doesn't see that other person and passes them by, we hear comments that some member is not courteous."

Tiffany stated, "While preparing for the comeback show, we barely slept for a week, starting on Christmas day. Honestly, that's something that nobody knows. We need to pay extra attention to that, and it's clear that I think about what my facial expression is [at that moment]. Especially since we've started activities, I think it's something we need to pay attention to."

When asked if it feels like it's been 6 years since they've debuted, Jessica replied, "When we went to the broadcast station, the only seniors were Baek Jiyoung and Jea. When there are people I don't really know, or when we get greeted by those people (first), I realize, 'We've become seniors'."

However, they explained that they still get nervous when standing on stage. Tiffany revealed, "When we had our first broadcast, it feels like we still get nervous. When we're showing our performance on stage for the first time, we get even more nervous, and thoughts of wanting to do better makes me feel rushed and nervous."

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