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10th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] "(…) We listened to Girls' Generation's future plans for the next 1, 5, and 10 years."

TAEYEON: As the years pass, I think my thirst for music grows. Would it be like the passion for wanting to do it? I'm not satisfied with just music programs. I want to try more concerts. So my goal is to gain energy from my fans, and for me to let them listen to my music/singing more.

YURI: I want to become a creative person in many aspects. I want to become a person who can express signing, performances, acting, and even social issues through my own creations/writings. Is it because there isn't anything I'm distinctly good at? (laughs)

SEOHYUN: It was really fun writing the lyrics in this album. I want to try writing more songs. Because the unnies are being good [role] models, I also want to be active in areas of acting, musicals, and MCing. I want to diligently attempt them, one by one.

TIFFANY: As I keep doing it, I have the most thoughts on music. Also, acting has its charms in terms of showing a different side of me. I'm looking, not only at Korean works, but English scripts a lot. I don't know how my first start will come about, but the day where I greet people as an actress is not far off. Look forward to it.

SOOYOUNG: The celebrity news program I'm hosting now is very fun. When I get older, gain more things to talk about, and gain more experience, wouldn't the things I can solve become abundant? When that time comes, I want to try to have a talk show under my name.

YOONA: I started acting at a good position, but it was thanks to the 'Girls' Generation' title. I want to carry out my duties for Girls' Generation's activities, and I also have greed for various roles in acting. I also have thoughts of taking off the image of Girls' Generation's Yoona when acting. Like a leading actress who plays a tragic role…. However, when I think of it another way, I want to do things I won't be able to do other than now well.

JESSICA: I've always lived like flowing water, and I'm the type of person who doesn't have impractical greed or obsessions. If there are good opportunities and it's destiny, wouldn't I be able to do musicals like I'm doing now, and do things overseas? Like I did when I was a trainee, I'm studying a lot with the attitude to learn.

HYOYEON: I feel that I haven't been abel to show all of me on stage yet. Whether it's a unit or any shape or form, there are a lot of things I want to show on stage, and there are a lot of things I want to sing.

SUNNY: While it's good to attempt new things, I want to do better in what I'm doing now. MCing, variety shows, acting, musicals, and other genres aren't important, but the role is. It's important whether I fit that role, and if it feels like the clothes don't fit, I think it's only right to turn it down.

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