Vladimir Shalaev, KHL Hockey Operations VP on Kovalchuk: "Kovalchuk received an offer [to play in the All Star Game] and is going to Chelyabinsk. Because the lockout is not officially over, the CBA will not be signed until Sunday. This is being reported by respected North American websites, including TSN and NHL.com. Ilya's contract in the KHL is still valid. Then why not go to the All Star Game? We are a little disappointed that other NHL stars hurried to go back. We reached out to clubs and to players. Asked them to stick around. But NHL GMs requested them to come back as quickly as possible, and they [players] listened. The fact that NHL training camps will open on Saturday? No player is required to attend them. There is no signed CBA - there are no employer-employee relationships. Does this mean that Kovalchuk will stay with SKA until the end of the season? Don't rush to conclusions. Everything will become apparent on Sunday."

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