It has been three days since Ms Anette Gozon Abrogar uses GMA news to bombard me and make my image look bad.. Why can't you give a statement about your involvement in ICONS management company dealing with GMA? We have all the paperworks and proof. I never mentioned that Anette treats artists differently ,read my tweets again, what I'm saying is that artists from ICONS are given more of a special treatment. Why is she so defensive when it comes to ICONS? Give a statement about the underground deals of ICONs on the news!
To all the people saying that we should fix this behind closed doors, we did try fixing these issues privately even before it got public, I was even guaranteed protection by Mr. Gozon if I tell every detail, but when the blame pointed towards Anette, it became a different story. I have all the proof and paperworks with my statements.
I should be the one filing a case against GMA Artist Center, I finished filming two movies and didn't get paid, I still have collectible cheques from guesting in different shows and out of town shows since 2010 that are UNPAID. When your a small artist and new in this industry they will take advantage of you. Ms. Annette is still trying to shift the focus on other issues, why can't she give a public statement on the bigger issues of the artist center? That she tried recruiting me to join ICONS management?
My statements does not have malicious intention, I'm just telling the truth, because the people deserve to know the truth about the system of Gma Artist Center. I ask help from GMA news to also investigate the truth behind Gma Artist Center deals with ICONS. I'm not against the whole network of GMA but the system of GMA artist center...

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