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9th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] TAEYEON: It's a new album in a year and two months. Many people waited for it, and we also prepared it with a fluttering heart.
YURI: This year is the year of the snake, and 6 of our members are the snake zodiac sign. I'm foreboding that there will be good things happening all year long.
SEOHYUN: In order to show a new image, it's something we attempted. It was a homework assignment for us to make it our own color when we first heard it, but I think we were able to get a grasp of how exactly we do that. It was a song we were really possessive about, to the point where we asked for extra practice hours. (…)
YOONA-TIFFANY: Wearing sneakers we wore in the practice room on stage is the first time since we've debuted. Showing how we are in the practice room on stage helps us gain so much confidence that it feels like I could fly. (…)
SOOYOUNG: 'Maybe Baby' is a song that Pixie Lott composed, but the original sounds so good that we were done writing the lyrics in 3~4 days. The members especially sang this song really well, and the recording was done well. I want to try composing next time. (…)
Together, all the members said: By trying out a new genre, we learned that we need to work harder. Also, after doing individual activities, we realized the value of our members. (…)
YOONA: My members came to my drama set to cheer me on. But the staff welcomed them so much saing, "Girls' Generation is here." At that moment, I thought, "Ah, GIrls' Generation is great." (…)
TIFFANY: If the year before last was informing people about Girls' Generation's brand, last year was the year of letting people know of members' strengths and charms through individual activities. (…)
HYOYEON: Communication and chatting is our strength. We chat a lot amongst members. We know all of each others' feelings, and when we're exhausted, we listen to one another and console each other. (…)
TAEYEON: We talk a lot through messengers, too. If talks about something comes up, one member would say something, and another, and soon, there are over 100 different talks are going on.
TAEYEON-JESSICA: We start our Japan Arena Tour beginning in February. Before then, we will promote in Korea short amd to the point, with much impact. Please look forward to us having fun on stage.

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