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9th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

[TRANS] Since their debut, no Girls' Generation member has ever confessed of dating, and paparazzi photos of them have never been revealed.

When asked, "Isn't it time for you to date now?" they said, "Oddly enough, people think of Girls' Generation as being difficult. You know how girl group members get asked, 'How many people have you been asked out by?' on talk shows every know and then. We ask each other, 'Why are we like this?' We're really curious as to how the route to get introduced to someone, and how you get people's numbers." They all laughed after adding, "They also said the world's baddest woman is a 'busy woman'."

The ways Girls' Generation avoids the loneliness of a 'single person' is through their own drinking games(?) or cellphone games.

When a concert/performance is over, they all head straight to their dorm and create their own bar. As all 9 of them are adults/of legal age, they are able to drink. As they have come to the position where they can't even go around overseas because of the paparazzi, they said this is the same when they go overseas.

(Sooyoung) "Because pictures of us get taken and posted up overseas, we just eat by ourselves. When all our schedules end, we all get together, think of it as a bar, and even drink until morning sometimes. We order late-night snacks, and food is also made at the dorm, too."

(Seohyun) "The members whose faces remain white/unchaged are Yoona, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon. The person who drinks the best is Sunny unnie. She even drank Kaoliang not too long ago. Haha."

(Hyoyeon) "Everyone really gets in the mood, but we dont' drink a lot."

(Tiffany) "We play a lot of games. We've played until 4am before."

From about 1~2 years ago, the girls have not been living together. Because their families have moved into the vicinity of the dorm, each went back to their homes. But, without even realizing it, they naturally go to the dorm and order late-night snacks to eat together.

(Yuri) "Normally, when we lived together, I didn't have my own room, but it's most comfortable there. Without even realizing it, I'm at the dorm. Haha. Something we enjoy is ordering late-night snacks together. We eat a lot of chicken, pizza, snacks, bossam, chinese food, amongst other things. The reason why we dont' gain any weight? You've seen the choreography for our current album, right? That's the answer!"

While mentioning Wonder Girls member Sunye's recent news of getting married, they were asked, "Don't you think a day like this will come for Girls' Generation soon, too?" They waved their hands saying, "It's still unfamiliar for us." However, as if they were jealous of Sunye finding her life partner, they revealed their own criteria.

The youngest member, Seohyun, stated, "Of course you have to congratulate someone who has found someone they love like that." Leader Taeyeon then stated, "But you have to go through 8 members' evaluations for us. You can only get married if you pass all of them," and laughed loudly.

Sooyoung, who said she has met Sunye and her boyfriend together, stated, "I think it was possible for Sunye (to get married amidst girl group activities) because she met such a good partner. I met him with her, and he's really a good person." She added, with a jealous look, "Wouldn't it be possible if we met a good person, too?"

While it's a long way away, the 9 members are dreaming of the day where all of them get together after getting married.

Tiffany stated, "Not too long ago, I saw Spice Girls members gathered in one place with their kids and/or husbands. After seeing that, we talked about, 'It would be nice if we could get together with our families at hand, even when time has passed, like the Spice Girls'. Wouldn't we be really happy?"

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