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9th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

[Fan account] Jan.07 Star King filming. (cr: DC CNBLUE gall)
Yonghwa said president Han let them stay in his resort. maybe Vivaldi Park with his resort membership) They stayed there for 4 days 3 nights.
Audience asked Yonghwa to dance, he danced the dance he did at SBS Ingigayo, with fast steps.
Audience also asked him to sing '1+1 is guiyomi', he shook heads, "I can do it only when I am excited."

One of staff said to Yonghwa, "Wow your walking looks cool!" Yonghwa saw him with arrogant look, with his right mouth up.
He walked two steps and showed arrogant face, then walked two steps and showed the face again...
He was so cute. He talked to staffs a lot, looked so friendly with them.
He told a lot about their holidays at ski resort.
Jungshin and Yonghwa were sitting down, Minhyuk came and tried to sit on Yonghwa's knee.
Suddenly Yonghwa moved up his knee and knee-kicked Minhyuk's butt.
Audience jeered at Yonghwa. "Boo~" Yonghwa put down his water bottle and stood up with sulky face and shouted to audience "Your love has changed?!"

Yonghwa was wearing white neat shirt and blue jean pants.
Just before the filming start, there was a noise from Yonghwa's seat. He was deep breating with shocked face.
It was... he found his hand and white shirt turned blue, it seemed that blue color came from his blue jean pants.
For the whole filming he kept looking at his own hands.
Audience sait to him, "Just wash after you go back home."
Yonghwa said, "It will not be erased even if I take shower three times."

After 2nd break, Jungshin came out, fans called him "Sungjae! Sungjae!"
He shook his head, pointed himself, and said without sound, "Jungshin! Jungshin!"
But he really looked like Sungjae on that day. He was sitting with his two elbows on his laps.

Two younger brothers fought each other a lot. They hit, hugged and laughed a lot.
One time, Jungshin slapped Minhyuk on his cheek, the sound was so big, so Yonghwa was surprised and turned to them and said, "What? What?"
But audience just laughed so hard, because we saw Jungshin just pretended and slapped his own left palm.
Next time, Minhyuk hit Jungshin on the nose. He screamed "Ah!" then fell down on his laps.
We were surprised. Jungshin suddenly stood up, grabbed his nose and bent himself back, just like his nose is bleeding.
But soon he smiled at fans.

CN boys looked very friendly to staffs. Yonghwa talked to staffs for long time while they prepared stuffs.
Jonghyun was sitting on the guests seat and talked with them.
Minhyuk even rode on one of staff's back. Minhyuk was rubbing a staff's neck then rode on him.

While Yonghwa was sitting down, Minhyuk was coming to him.
Yonghwa put his right hand up (for hi-five) but Minhyuk put out scissors. LOL
Yonghwa scowled at Minhyuk, then Minhyuk put his scissors fingers into his own mouth.

Jonghyun was full of will. He tried to challenge all things. It seems he can't stand his curiosity.
Audience asked him to dance, he danced very weird dance.
It's hard to describe, he stepped forward with his two fists up then pulled into his body twice, then stepped forward... with 'Oh!' face.
Anyway he showed this dance quite often.

Their seats were, Yonghwa and Jonghyun were front, Minhyuk and Jungshin were behind.
Minhyuk and Jungshin strangled Jonghyun's neck. Minhyuk massaged Jonghyun on his shoulder.
They said that Minhyuk is the best in massaging among CNBLUE.
Jonghyun agreed, he showed Oh! face again and put his thumb up.

They asked audience if we had meal. Minhyuk once came to audience seat to receive coffee.
After finish, they all came to audience seat and held hands of fans.
It finished very late time, but I was surprised to hear that they filmed Running man the next day.

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