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8th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

Since the tumbleweeds have been flying around here lately and, at the birthday request of a friend, I figured I'd put down my first ever twitlonger to commemorate the 2 month anniversary of my "Night Out with RK" during BD2 promo in NYC :-)

Around 11PM on Wednesday, November 7th, my friend and I decided to stop by one more bar for a nightcap and, lo and behold, as we're getting out of the cab to walk in, who's walking out the front door, but John (ASB). We look at each other and walk in with purpose. As we're waiting to be seated, in the direct line of vision, I see Ruth texting and drinking white wine alone at a couch area. Boom, suddenly one drink is definitely turning into more ;-) After being seated at the couch directly across from Ruth, we begin to scope out the rest of the dimly lit room. There are a few couches and tables scattered around the room and, stationed at the back of the room, by the door to the outside area, is none other than Handsy/not-HBG!

I immediately headed out alone to smoke a cigarette (or perhaps three) and stumbled across a very large group of Brits, and an American GF, seated at a bunch of couches. There was Bobby and his GF, Daddy Tom, Sydney, and Kristen and Rob, sitting across from each other (among others I failed to recognize in my excitement). Lots of English accents going around the table and at one point, I overheard Rob talking about Videodrome (random). Several new people arrived and Kristen stood up on the couch to give hugs. She was wearing her glasses, jeans and an oversized white t-shirt. Rob was also wearing jeans, a white t and a backwards white hat. Rob's back was to me while Kristen was facing me. At one point, some lovely gentleman came over to chat with me and keep me company, which was fantastic, because Kristen is definitely very aware of her surroundings. Especially when it's only her group and lil ol' moi out there. I tried to politely nod and keep up the appearance of talking with the gent while really listening in on the conversation going on 5 feet away from me.

After 3 cigarettes, my newfound friend and I ventured inside so as not to be conspicuous. Bless his heart, he had no idea he was sitting just feet from the Holy Grail. After about 5 minutes or so, the group of hobos made their way in towards Ruth's couch. Everyone squeezed in on the couch that Ruth was sitting on and the couch across from it, while Rob and Kristen sat smooshed together on a tiny ottoman, their backs facing my friend and I. They were so squished onto the ottoman that Rob had his left arm draped across Kristen's lap and his hand tucked under her thigh to sort of secure her from falling off the entire time they were seated there. Meanwhile, she had her arm draped across his upper back, rubbing her hand up and down his back, over his shoulders and neck, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. All in all, just very tender, natural and affectionate. Complete and total bubble - laughing and smiling and staring at each other. At one point, a server brought over another ottoman and put it next to them, but they still sat together on their tiny little seat.

After a while, RK and several others went back outside for a bit. Meanwhile, a few more had arrived to the group so after they came back in, the larger group moved two couches over to a larger area with more sitting room. As the table was being cleared of drinks, Rob, Kristen and Tom stood chatting to one another, away from the rest of their group, for about five minutes, before sitting back down. Here, RK once again sat alone, next to each other on a love seat. A bit more room, but no less in the bubble. Rob kept turning to Kristen and making her laugh and giving her sweet, quick pecks all over her face, while she giggled and smiled. Peppering her forehead, eyelids, cheeks, lips, with very PG kisses. They are absolutely that couple that needs to be touching each other all the time.

Several rounds of drinks and food later, RK and two others headed outside, where I incidentally already was seated with my new friend. I think they were stalking me, lol ;-) The four of them sat next to us and Rob started smoking a cigarette (yes, a real cigarette, with smoke and ash) and complaining about it being late and him having to be up early (his Today Show appearance was the following day). Kristen laughed and said in a joking way, "we were out late last night and I had to be up early today!" To which he responded, "yeah, but we were in bed by now". At which point, I may have died.

Around 2:30AM, their group started to disperse and Rob led Kristen out of the bar and they vanished into the night. That is, until I saw a little rough-looking, sleepy-eyed Rob at the Today Show five hours later..... lol

Looking back, I should've sent over 8 bottles of champagne to their table and hoped they started full on tonguing. Alas, you live, you learn. But I'll certainly take the PG, cute, affectionate RK that I saw. Cheers!

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