Dusky · @DuskKid

7th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

Update to my Oversoul Suggestion.

Erebos Prince of Darkness.


Enemy:You can't rival the power of a immortal!

Controlled:Mortals, they will never win.

BackStory: Erebos became the prince of Darkness after selling his Soul in order to gain massive amounts of power which rumor says he can rival that of the Dark Lord's Servant. After gaining this power he went on to destroy an make a empire in his own dimension till the war between the Dark Lord and a Powerful Necromancer thrusted him out of his plain of existence an in to the World of OverSoul. He roams around defeating countless enemies that were affected by the war as well while trying to find a way back.

Flash Jump attack then energy bomb (2-hit combo)

Lunge left to right; Jump then attack with a energy blast. (3-Hit Combo)

Energy volleyblast from the air then a downwards slash with talons.(5-hit combo)

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