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7th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

Unofficial MFW Builder 0.2.3 pre release.
Im not done yet and need to unbrick my PS3 first before i can continue debugging the app. But this console is a problem console with a flash chip that won't let his self new written -.-
So i want to put out the actual state of the update to get feadback. Don't install a generated pup of MFW Builder if you don't have a flasher and/or this release goes official puplic.

What have been changed?:

Unofficial 0.2.3 update 'cfwprpht'
- Major Clean Up
- Added support for 4.xx CFW
- Added spkg tool's
- Added new Keys to .ps3 folder
- Added calculated private key's for 4.xx (scekrit keys - still needs disabled ECDSA check to work)
- Added scetool to decrypt self's and to re-sign LV1, LV2, spu_pkg_rvk_verifier, they are now correctly rebuilded for 4.xx CFW
- Merged and re-arranged tasks/commands to speed up patching process
- Added Templat dir and templat icons for the segments in the homebrew category
- Added templat.xml whith 'AC1D CFW' pkg-mgr, homebrew and emulator segment
- Added standalone '*Install Package Files' app to MFW
- Added a command which will create a custom dir in dev_flash for us (to use for templat imgs or the standalone Install Packages app)
- Updated Spoof task up to including 4.31
- Removed standart FirmWare spoofing in case of you can use Jailbait patch and have the same result
- Added a new Hombrew Category patch which will merge Network cat with PSN cat and use Network cat as HomeBrew cat if one of the 4 new segment patches are used
- Merged ssl patches, nas_plugin and the nonretail patches to patch_vsh.tcl
- Updated Jailbait patches and merged them with Patch_vsh.tcl to make it more specific and speed up patching process
- Added patch_lv2_npdrm_ecdsa_check to the jailbait patches category
- Added customize_mfw.tcl and merged cooldboot patches into it
- Added patch_pup.tcl and merged broken bluray, broken bluetooth, change pup version, shop2retail and retail2shop to it
- Added patch_cos.tcl and merged lv0, lv2, spu pkg rvk verifier and emer init patches to it to speed up patching process
- Added patch-lv0-coreos-ecdsa-check: Patch to disable CoreOS ECDSA check in LV0 (needed for 4.xx CFW)
- Added patch-lv1-remove-lv2-protection: Remove LV2 protection (needed for 4.xx CFW)
- Added patch-lv2-payload-hermes-355: Patch to implement hermes LV2 payload with SC8 and /app_home/ redirection 3.55
- Added patch-lv2-SC36-355: Patch to implement SysCall36 3.55
- Added patch-lv2-peek-poke-4x: Patch to add Peek&Poke;system calls to LV2 4.xx
- Added patch-lv2-lv1-peek-poke-4x: Patch to add LV1 Peek&Poke;system calls to LV2 4.xx (LV1 peek/poke patch necessary)
- Added patch-lv2-npdrm-ecdsa-check: Jailbait - Patch to disable NPDRM ECDSA check 4.xx
- Added patch-lv2-payload-hermes-4x: Patch to implement hermes LV2 payload SC8 /app_home/ redirection & embended app mount 4.xx
- Added patch-lv2-SC36-4x: Patch to implement SysCall36 4.xx
- Added patch-spkg-ecdsa-check: Patch to disable ECDSA check for spkg files (needed for 4.xx CFW)
- Added patch-alpha-sort: Alphabetical sort Order for Games in the XMB
- Added patch-rape-sfo: Rape the SFO Param's X0 (NeoGeo) and X4 (PCEngine) to use with the Homebrew category and custome segments
- Added add-install-pkg: Add the standart Install Package Files Segment to the HomeBrew Category in XMB
- Added add-pkg-mgr: Add MFW PKG Manager Segment to the HomeBrew Category in XMB
- Added add-hb-seg: Add MFW HomeBrew Segment to the HomeBrew Category in XMB
- Added add-emu-seg: Add MFW Emulator Segment to the HomeBrew Category in XMB
- Added patch-vsh-react-psn-v2-debug-341: Patch to implement ReactPSN v2.0 into VSH 3.41 DEBUG
- Added patch-vsh-react-psn-v2-debug-355: Patch to implement ReactPSN v2.0 into VSH 3.55 DEBUG
- Added patch-vsh-react-psn-v2-341: Patch to implement ReactPSN v2.0 into VSH 3.41
- Added patch-vsh-react-psn-v2-355: Patch to implement ReactPSN v2.0 into VSH 3.55
- Added patch-vsh-react-psn-v2-4x: Patch to implement ReactPSN v2.0 into VSH 4.xx
- Added customize-coldboot-health-screen: Change default coldboot Healthscreen
- Added customize-xmb-wave: Change the default XMB wave
- Added customize-game-boot-scelogo: Change default Gameboot scelogo
- Added customize-game-boot-ps3logo: Change default Gameboot ps3logo
- Added customize-trophy-sound: Change default Trophy sound
- Added customize-system-error: Change default system error sound
- Added customize-system-ok: Change default system ok sound
- Added customize-cursor-click: Change default cursor click sound
- Added customize-cursor-back: Change default cursor back sound
- Added customize-embended-app: Change default embended app (* Install Package Files) to a custome one
- Added customize-fw-version: Change default fw version in XMB
- Fixed task Shop to retail, delating of promo_flags.txt was missing
- Fixed task Change CoreOS file, just a few typo's
- Fixed task Jailbait, just a few typo's again
- Added version-suffix combobox to reduce string fields for FW version suffixes, Added -MFW, Promotial-to-Retail, Retail-to-Promotial, OtherOS++, AC1D
- Added old/new * Install Package Files (rogero patch)
- Corrected some old and new bugs
- Greetz to euss, i fixed the self_rebuilder problem by adding scetool and a simply "if" command ;)

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