PLS share & RT To help us find a home for Baby #Malak #Libya #Tripoli
This page is dedicated to finding a permanent solution and hopefully a loving family and home for Baby #Malak. Malak was born in September 2011 at the Jala hospital in Tripoli, Libya. Her mother ran away from the hospital shortly after giving birth and no one from her family has come for her (Malak was a result of an unwanted pregnancy for whatever the reasons which are not known - the mother left before she could be questioned or examined). It was found that Malak was born with HIV and Hepatitis C. The staff at the Jala Pediatric hospital have reached out to orphanages to place Malak in but all the orphanages have refused to take her because she has HIV and hepatitis C. The wonderful and loving hospital staff have taken in Malak and have had her for over a year now (she just celebrated her 1st birthday at the hospital in which the staff threw her a wonderful birthday party). Right now, Malak (named by the staff at the hospital which means "Angel") is living in the hospital, she is being taken care of by the many different doctors, nurses and workers who come to work their day and night shifts at the nursery (NICU).

The sad reality is that Malak is growing up in a hospital - this is not where a child belongs. Despite the fact that the staff is taking excellent care of her and giving her medications for her illness, her environment involves seeing different people working different shifts - its not something a baby should be living in. She has no one to call mama or baba, she must think living in a hospital is "normal" as this is what she was exposed to from day one. The staff took her in because no one else would take her - they couldn't leave her.

From her beautiful smile and cute laughter you can tell she is being taken care of well. The problem now is thinking of the long run - Where will Malak go? Realistically she can't live in a hospital forever and the staff worry about her future. Because of her health status, she is sadly going to face many hardships especially when the stigma of such an illness still runs strong in Libya. This is a huge burden that this little angel will have to carry but it is with our hope that with this page we can increase the awareness of Malak's story and hope that her story touches someone out there and that Malak can finally go to a good home and a loving family that will love her because every child deserves to be loved. Please spread the word and help Malak find a home.

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