Nd Mallet · @ND_mallet

6th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

Writing for future OS contest: Legendary Form Mana Master Mallet

Ned has once more lost those important to him. Fueled by a greater rage at letting it happen again, and with better control of his powers than the first incident, Ned unlocked true mana potential. But that is not all he lost. He savagely lashes out at any in his path, unable to control his massive power. Capable now of launching dual Moose Mash, even in a continuous barrage. Even without the Moose Mash, Ned's mana enhancement boosts him to near sonic speeds and with the strength to knock down a redwood in a single blow. As if it couldn't get any worse for those in his way, his mana manipulation allows him to defy gravity. Not only does he levitate, but his hammer can be used in a deadly triple combo with dual Moose Mash. Will Ned regain his consciousness and end his rage, or will he be lost forever to the powers he unlocked?

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