Nd Mallet · @ND_mallet

6th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

Writing for future OS contest: Master Form Nedric the Forest Guardian

As time passed, Nedric regained his composure and accepted his new life. To pass his time and to ease the pain, he took on a new job. To protect the forest creatures. He devotes his life to living among them, finding the most comfort from the local moose. Their gentle giant attitudes clicked with Ned's and the atmosphere of his new home among them allowed Ned to unlock even more secrets of mana. With an even more powerful mana punch, now called the Moose Mash after his new friends, and the ability to slightly increase his speed and power by usage of raw mana. Sporting a refashioned and moose themed version of his knight hammer, Nedric combines the past and present in order to fight for his future, and that of the forest.

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