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6th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

Writing for future OS contest: Veteran Form Nedric the Exiled

During his time as a Knight, Nedric learned how to harness the explosive properties of mana when it's compressed in order to deliver a powerful melee based attack. Contrary to what would be expected, none found this a danger as Ned's gentle and carefree nature assured people that this technique would be of no harm. It was also this nature that gained the King's trust and allowed him to have a good deal of influence on the King's decisions. Unfortunately, the King was old and eventually replaced by a more ruthless and mistrusting King. He feared Ned's ability. He forced an ultimatum on him, either leave everything and never show his face in town again, or the King would destroy everything and everyone he cared for. Despite complying, the King still carried through on his threat. Enraged, Ned attacked in a fury, unable to access his mana powers due to the emotional trauma of the incident combined with his inexperience of the powers. Ned was quickly knocked out and dumped into a nearby forest. Upon waking, he possessed little sanity. He took to a forest based lifestyle. Wearing nothing but simple garbs and green face paints to blend in with his surroundings, this former Knight aimlessly wonders his new forest home, wielding nothing more than a discarded moose antler.

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