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5th Jan 2013 from Twitlonger

Writing for future OS contest: Apprentice Form

Sir Nedric the Mallet-fisted was a fiercely loyal knight who fought for his kingdom with hammer and magic. He spent most of his childhood training to be a knight due to his parents urging although inside he wished to be playing around with mana and exploring the properties of it. Often times he would be found skimping his training to fiddle with mana. The punishments were harsh. This led only to him being more wary, a skill useful for his battle-fraught days as a knight, saving his life on more than a few occasions. As a young man, he served the town guard and quickly moved up the ranks due to his skill. He declined the Guard Captain position numerous times, preferring to stay out in the field. In his off-time, he spent hours at a local stave shop, assisting the store owner, a former renowned magician. Ned's skill with magic was pitiful but it was his mana that attracted the magician to him. It seemed to be almost limitless and alive to the magician. It fought back when the magician tried a simple mana leech on Ned, although he showed no acknowledgment to the attempts. It was risky, but he decided to skip the basic magic training and delve right into the advanced mana control techniques with Ned. Within a week, Ned had learned everything the magician had to teach about mana, but he hungered to learn more. The magician warned him that raw mana is the most dangerous form of mana and that it is always a gamble to experiment with it. Ned listened but went on his own anyways. Shortly afterwards, Ned left town upon receiving an invite to join the King's knights from the King himself. He never stopped exploring mana.

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