Vanessa Singer's family was killed right in front of her by Azazel, also known as Yellow Eyes when she was younger. By the age of 6 she found out what her dad did before he met her mother... He hunted the Supernatural. Ever since she found that out she's wanted even more revenge on Azazel and plans on getting it. By the age of 10 she started training herself since she had no one to help her. At the age of 15 she went on a Vampire hunt and almost got killed but Bobby Singer saved her. He took her in since she had no family and now considers her as his daughter.

Through out the years she kept hunting but also worked as a bartender at a bar near Bobby's. She was engaged but she caught her husband cheating on her and left him... after beating the shit out of the girl and him. Now she basically lives on the road in her f-450, hunting. She is a part time Model when she's not hunting and loves singing and dancing.

Azazel killed her parents because he made a deal with her mom a long time ago to come back in 10 years but didn't say for what. She has demon blood in her but keeps that secret not wanting any hunters to hunt and try and kill her. She is very skilled in any weapon and is great at hacking into anything you can name. She never went to school and taught herself everything she knows... A little thanks to Bobby also. She loves working on cars and upgrades her truck a lot.

[[#Taken #Spn #21+]]

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