Hey Mixers!

Myself and @LeighsChicks are creating a fanbook for @LittleMixOffic that will be presented to them backstage at their London Hammersmith tour date on February 13th. It's going to be a professionally printed hardback book! We'll try to film them receiving it so that you can all watch but we don't know if we'll be allowed.

The book will feature up to 100 fans, first come first served so get your entries in as soon as you can. However, don't rush it because Little Mix will be reading the book and we want it to be really good! The spaces wont fill up that fast so take our time and make sure it's amazing! :)

What we're looking for:

1. Your first name

2. Your twitter username

3. A high quality photo of you
(we want the girls to know what you look like when they read your entry so we might have to ask you for another photo if the one you send us isn't HQ enough. Nobody but Little Mix and us will see the photo and we wont share it, it's just for the book. If you'd prefer to use your favorite picture of the girls that's okay too :])

4. Your country

5. A short message for one of the girls.

6. A short message for all of the girls.

7. If you have a Little Mix collection (CD's, magazines, posters or a collage on your wall) send us a picture or two!

8. Why do Little Mix inspire you?

9. What's your favourite Little Mix song and why?

10. Your artwork of the girls if you've drawn any.

11. Your favourite Little Mix memory!

12. If you're going to the tour, which dates are you going to?

13. Anything else that's not above is more than welcome, just add it at the end.

You can submit this to us at littlemixerhq@gmail.com. Closing date is 20th January 2013 as we have to get it made and printed as soon as possible. We might edit your entries to fix the spelling or punctuation but that's it. We're using Q1-6 and 12 (if you're going to the tour) in everyone's entry and then we'll pick 2 more Q's to add in from 7-13.

If you have any questions, tweet me @LittleMixerHQ.

Thanks :D

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