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Character Beast of the Oblivion

Backstory: The universe was still young when the Beast of Oblivion first appeared crafted from darkness and rage by a god of insanity. It has roamed worlds and realms for as long as memory, and legend, serves and left barren, lifeless husks in its wake. Now it has caught the scent of a new realm, full of souls to devour but also a realm with the Child of the Oblivion and a Lord that may actually give the Beast a match. The Beast feels exhilaration and anticipation, can this realm actually provide a challenge? Only time will tell and time has always been on the side of the Beast, at least until now....

It would be a legendary character and use the energy element it would be more of a offensive character with not many shields

3-hit combo Runs to the opponent and stabs it with the horns on its head then throws opponent in the air and crushes it

5-hit combo Shoots a energy beam out of its mouth

Lightning Storm x2
Sacrifice x2
5dmg card x4
2dmg card x1
Surge x3
Pierce card x1
Shield x2
Energize x1

Thanks to Lord Athor for helping me put together the backstory

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