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29th Dec 2012 from Twitlonger

Hey Nulgath and Revontheus, I wanted to make an awesome, powerful looking, and flashy character for #Oversoul for your contest! I'm going to suggest a little extra stuff that I know probably wouldn't or couldn't get put in, but it's only to add to the overall image of this character! Hope you like it!!!

-OverSoul Suggestion Character Info-

Name: Omni
Element: Neutral

Description: A multi-elemental spectre (spirit basically) with the power to alter its own shape and element at will. (In game, of course all of its damage and attacks would be neutral, but when you see the attacks, you'll see how its "multi-elemental".)

-Suggested Quotes-

Starting Player Quote: "Hmph,you must know nothing of spirits, mortal, as to challenge one."

Starting Enemy Quote: "Your fate has been, and always will be sealed."

Player AND Enemy Win Quote: "Insolent fool..."

Player Loss Quote: "You cannot simply kill a spectre..."

Enemy Loss Quote: "You appear to be no mere mortal."

Rank Suggestions - Master (Maybe Legendary? :3)

-Attack Animation Suggestions-

1 hit attack - Transform into a lightning scythe and slice your opponent from afar.
2 hits - Become a torrent of water and slam into your opponent, then freeze instantly under him and stab upward into him as an ice spike.
3 hit combo - Transform into a buster sword of fire and slice your opponent at close range, then perform another slice as an earth sword, and finally revert back to your normal form and charge through your opponent at blinding speed.
5 hit combo - Transform into a two headed dragon of light and darkness, and decimate your opponent with a light beam from one head, and a darkness beam from the other head for five hits.
Block Animation - Transform your hand into a shield in front of you.

-Actual Card Suggestions- (Just something extra. I gave these some thought, too.)

Hyper Strike (5 Neutral Energy) - Regular 1 hit attack for +7 damage.

Maximize (No Energy, Spell Card) - Discard 4 other cards (so basically you use 5 cards in one turn) to gain 15 neutral energy.

Overclock (8 Neutral Energy) - DOUBLE the attack of one attack card.

Tank (6 Neutral Energy) - Block for 10

HellFire (7 Neutral Energy) - Damage opponent for +5 damage over 2 turns.

Equinox (20 Neutral Energy) - After 3 turns, perform a 5 hit combo with each hit dealing 5 damage, for a total of +25 damage.

-Card Count Suggestion-
2 Attack x2
5 Attack x3
5 Block x2
Hyper Strike x2
Maximize x1
Overclock x2
Tank x2
Hellfire x2
Equinox x1

Thanks for reading this far if you did, and I hope you like this suggestion!

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