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Hello oversoul staff ^_^.
This is the story and details about my character

Rorkan the mana mage

Rorkan was once a lowly mage who couldn't even get a simple spell right,but one day the great fiends army attacked and to survive he made a blood pact with the demons who slaughtered his village to be loyal. Little did he know that his deal had a bad side effect which would turn him more into a slave or fiend of the Archfiends minions. One day he sought on a quest noticing his mark growing. He sought the anceint tomes of light to see how to cure it. He learned how to stop the infection from spreafing but it was too late, he lost both his arms and his body was fully succumbing to the evil powers. Seconds before it corrupted his whole body he decided to send out all his mana and shape it into his body taking memories and all. His normal body corrupted and turned into a terrible fiend that had it's whole body made into a total mess. The mana body while formed was weak and was slowly being absorbed by the mana planes. Rorkan's mana being shaped itself a armor that would stop him from being absorbed, but limiting his powers.In this form he learned to use all elements, but was poor in all of them but water and earth. His body accepted these elements and he mastered them better than any hydromancer or geomancer normally could.

Rorkan is a water character also using the powers of earth. He would attack using a hydro scpeter normally and his 2 hit combo would be 2 chunks oof earth forming into a dagger and hitting the foe.
His 3 hit combo would be summoning water and earth from the ground and forming a shell around them then breaking. His 5 hit combo would be his armor breaks off and he unleashes a fierce blow of enchanced earth and water blasts like beams of blasts.

His cards would be mid defensive and offensive so a balance.

5 damage cards x2
2 damage cards x3
pierce cards x2
Stone wall x1
Renew x2
powerflow x1
Mountain strike x1
Crush x1
sheilds x4

His apprentice form would be a simple mage. He would have a white robe and carry a wooden staff with a jewel in the center.

His veteran form would be a more rough looking mage with a corrupted eye and with one arm looking burnt and having runes on it. his robe would be less heavy and would have a more warrior like look. Sometimes you notice his mana form slipping out of him during battle

His master form would be his mana form which would carry the anti mana absorbing armor. He would have a larhe staff with a blade at the end of it and a mana gem to focus his power with at the top.

His master form would get mana transfusion which gives 5 water and earth energy for 2 cards. He would also have mana bomb which in return for 8 or so hp he would use a attack doing 14-15 damage. Transfusion would cost 1 water energy(which he starts with) in return and bomb would use 2 water and earth energy to use. Though since he uses water and earth mud would come into play so it would use mudslide or mud tomb a stun like barbarians freeze*.

*Thanks to Lord Athor For suggesting that to me

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