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28th Dec 2012 from Twitlonger

TOP 10 Things not on the new #NHL submitted proposal to the #NHLPA ...
(aka.. what BD does instead of doing work)

#10 – a Happy Hannukah card to Don Fehr & family

#9 – A commemorative German hockey seat cushion autographed by Rick DiPietro

8 – a jar of spitballs that were launched at Gary at various player-inclusive meetings.

7- an even larger jar of spitballs from the NHL owner meetings

6 – An amnesty buyout of Molson/Coors as beer sponsor. Replaced with Sam Adams & a liquor to be named later.

5 – Bill Daly’s new NHL Lockout recording of 101 Polka Favorites

4 - Allan Walsh to the KHL

3 - NHL plans to make huge inroads back into fans hearts by offering Gary Bettman in a dunk-tank

2 – NHL owner negotiating team flushed out of an airlock along with the Alien queen.

1 – Jeremy Jacobs autographed Depends undergarments.

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