[Trans] Kim Jaejoong noona fans donated 10M KRW to Beautiful Foundation to improve facillities for children's school meals

Fans of popular group JYJ member Kim Jaejoong have donated 10.8M KRW(~10K USD) to Beautiful Foundation to improve facilities for children's school meals.

Last Dec 22 around 2 pm, members of Kim Jaejoong's fansite 'Prickly noonas of HEROSE' went to Beautiful Foundation to donate 10.8M KRW in support of "I Disagree', a campaign against the unfair prices of school meals for institutionalized children.

"I Disagree" is a campaign that states that the price of school meals provided by the Department of Health and Human Services Advisory to children in need costs less than half of the 3,500 KRW (3.25 USD) budget. The campaign aims for a change in government policy in the future. Currently, the meal is priced at 1,420 KRW (1.32 USD). The proceeds from their sales of fangoods were collected and donated under the name "Hero's goods" (Hero being Kim Jaejoong's character).

In particular, this donation was thought of by fans as a sign of support to Kim Jaejoong's aspiration for an equitable world. We were reminded once again that fans' love means not only by attending fanmeetings, but also the willingness to share and donate on behalf of their star.

On other hand, Kim Jaejoong will release a solo mini-album in January next year. He worked with Kim Bada, vocalist of famous rock group Sinawe, on his solo album to show different genres such as rock music.

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

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