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Translation of Kang Sora’s Full Interview from ESQUIRE magazine (Jan 2013)

Title: Kang Sora - The one who has nothing to cover up/hide

> Because I got to play a leading role just like that (by chance) in my debut movie <4th Period Murder Mystery> everyone knows that's how I became an actress. What's even more worse, I know how to actively/fully play/portray the main lead role through movie <Sunny>. Along with Eun Gyung and Yoo Ho Jung seonbaenim/senior, I've then became the (real) main lead. Since then, even though I've played the leading role several times, luckily one main role and more main roles always come and go/keep coming (for me).

> After ‘4th Period Murder Mystery’, there were not much opportunities came & things didn't work out well for me. There were thought/perception like 'You was an (inexperienced) kid when you played the main role in your 1st work, would you be able to act as the main lead in our movie?' I was not in a position that I could afford to take any liberties, so I appeared in a cable drama 'Rude Miss Young Ae' during season 7 and for one thing it was because it gave me the chance to do acting. Even more, it was so obvious realistically there was no reason to turn down this comedy drama/play.

> Along with the ‘main lead actress' title , I also got labeled as just a 'student-specialized actress'. I'm not even a baby-faced and my physical built is not small either but it's strange that many student roles were offered to me. It's not as if it has already been settled/decided that way, but right now if there's a talk that come out about my appearance in drama, it would be related to student role. This always becomes a concern to me. With the same image in school uniform and neat hair, how am I supposed to show (the differences) between my other acting role with my previous acting work. However, I wanted to do mature/grown up roles until the early of last year , but now I wouldn't refuse all roles that has been offered to me. Even the female high schools student roles.

> I thought to portray a character of past generation and current generation is so different but actually I started shooting and got into the character, I felt there was no difference. When filming 'Sunny', I felt burdened to play Chun Hwa, a character from a generation that I never lived but I've seen girl's friendship in other movie so it was easier than I thought.

> I continue to meet/seeing co-star friends from <Sunny>. It is because we originally met at early age when we knew nothing of, I guess the friendship still remain good until now. Although Eun Gyung is much more younger than me, because of her seniority in acting, I used to kid around often by calling her "Eun Kyung-ssi" or "Eun Kyung seonbaenim". Then we became more close.

> I'm showing my true-sides by gradually filling them via my appearance in variety program, drama or movie. My easygoing sides was revealed in 'Sunny', my coward/timid sides were sometimes can be seen in 'Dream High', my honest/frank sides was shown in 'Strong Heart' and my outrageous/wacky sides can be seen in 'We Got Married' Season 3.

> Since my mentality/spirit is weak, I'm easily to get hurt and can't loosen up well. Because of that, even though I know there is anti-cafe (towards me), I just can't go visit there.

> It think men will go crazy if they dream that they have to go to army again, but I have dreamed similar dream. I didn't dream about gaining some more weights again... but I dreamt that I completely blank and forget the lines when I'm shooting. In reality, there's no such thing, but it seems that the vague fear thing is appeared on my dream. And yet it's too bad to always couldn't remember the forgotten lines in the next scenes. What if actually such thing happens just like what I dreamt, how will I react/behave ...

>I don't know well why am I acting. If men being asked why they smoke cigarettes, they may said "There's no special reason. When we smoke cigarettes, our mind feel relaxed/comfortable. It's just an ingrained habit." I feel the same way when I'm acting. My mind becomes calm and I feel blissful for a while. Therefore, I couldn't quit acting. But yet still, to acting like crazy is not good either. There are much more hard times. I just still don't quite know the reason why am I acting.

> 3 months ago I only wanted to stay/remain as an actress. I have thought that I will keep acting forever for my living even I meet an established man that are capable to make a living and keep/run a household. Right now, I don't know for sure. I start to think babies are cute and I'm even interested in housekeeping. Cooking too is becoming fun. It's weird (to have these thoughts) because I'm not at the age to get married. At this rate, everything is gonna be troublesome/bothersome it seems.

>Even if I die, I only ought to be an actress. I couldn't even dream to be a singer. I'm really not good at singing.

>Different actor has different points of individuality/personality. Even an outward appearance is big part of one's personality. These days, I don't grow slim/ become thin just like female celebrities do. Don't us look as if we have personality/individuality if we have a 'bodyguard’? Where it (entertainment industry) is full of pretty and skinny girls, at least shouldn't there be one people like me?

>The work-piece doesn't come my way well. It seems because of the vagueness of my age. Although I'm in my early twenties with long-legged and seems lively, my face is otherwise. I can't do fully-matured acting that match/goes with the emotion & sensibility of the early twenties. Therefore, I think I'm going to do acting without being too calculative and ask much from it in future. Because of such determination, even though I had only 10 scenes, I still starred in 'My Pavarotti' a movie that has been scheduled to be released in March. Besides, there's so much to learn from Han Seok Kyu and Oh Dal Soo seonbaenim/seniors and as an actor I need to pull-off/carry whatever roles I got. So after 5 years and even after 10 years, I'll be fair/worthy to myself and to my fans.

> The amazing thing is, 95% from the people who like and support me are girls/women. It seems to be so, thanks to 'Sunny'. I even have received a letter from a lesbian several times. In 2013, it would be good if I can gain love & interest from man/boy fans much more than girl/woman fans.

>Before I die, would I be able to pull off another character and surpass Sunny-Chun Hwa's character? If I couldn't even do that, would people sought after me again then? Is it a problem in which I need to worry/concern more? Is it luck? I think a clear conclusion day to all of these (questions) will come someday.

**Translated by Hiedi/@nhb19
**Note that this translation is purely based on my very average skills. Apology in advance if there are misinterpretation found. I'll improve my skills in future... p(^__^)q
**Please take out with proper credits.

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