After I summarized a report that the Packers plan to cut ties with him, here is how J. Finley responded: "I didn't check it out. It's a business and I would love to be here my whole career. I'm comfortable here and I want to be a Packer for life. That's all I can say about that."

What do you think is the cause behind that report?
"I think that's just media. That's just talk out there. I haven't seen anything yet. They haven't shown me any signs. I'm here as far as I know."

How is your relationship with Aaron Rodgers now?
"It's good. Me and Rodgers are fine. We have a great relationship. I love the guy. He's a great player and an awesome quarterback. Hopefully, I'm here for the rest of my career with the guy."

Why was there a need to work on chemistry with Rodgers in the first place?
"That's with every receiver-quarterback combination. You're going to get unhappy at times, but that's in the scheme of things--it happens. At the end of the day, we are teammates and best friends so that squashes everything."

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