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16th Dec 2012 from Twitlonger

[Trans] Micky Baidu Bar Fansupport details + Fanaccount

Items prepared (Omitted various specific details about items):

1. Firstly, 10 boxes of Red Ginseng from Cheong Kwan Jang for the directors, scriptwriters and the main leads.

2. 30 Hwang Jin Dan pills from Cheong Kwan Jang for Yoochun
- Filming is exhausting (filming overnight for 4 days straight last week and overnight for 3 days straight this week)
- Hwang Jin Dan pills are made with Earth-grade red ginseng (a superior grade of red ginseng), lingzhi, pilose antler extract, angelica root concentrate, etc
- Hopes to fight Yoochun's fatigue and improve his memory

3. OSIM uVision Eye Massager for Yoochun
- As Yoochun said he cries a lot in the drama, the massager is prepared for him to rest his eyes
- Targets vital accupressure points around your eyes to help relieve headaches, insomnia, eyebags, dark rings and fatigue.

4. A set of L'OCCITANE Shea Butter products for Yoochun
-Chose L'OCCITANE as it's a brand favoured by Yoochun
Includes: Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Cream, Shea Butter Fabulous Serum, Shea Butter Fresh Face Water, and Shea Butter Hand Cream

5. Blanket (blue) and Earmuffs for Yoochun

6. Giorgio Armani Scarf for Yoochun
- 100% cashmere


Food Support for Filming Crew and Yoochun (Omitted insignificant details):

- After communicating with Yoochun's manager and the filming crew, they agreed for a supper to be prepared

- The food support was scheduled on the night of Dec 12. Prepared 3 cups of hot chocolate for Yoochun (which he likes), vanilla lattes for his manager and cody(s), 80 cups of hot coffee and 5 flavours of 25 pizzas of the largest size (as requested by the filming crew)

- The time for the food support was scheduled to be at 10.30pm, but Yoochun performed well that night and filmed various scenes in one take without any NGs, so that section of filming ended much earlier than scheduled. The filming crew then proceeded to the next filming location, and specially left behind a bus to wait for the fans and the food support. The PD specially thanked the fans.

- The filming crew were aware that some photos of the filming location were leaked (which subsequently also revealed spoilers), so the fans could not take pictures of the crew enjoying the food (the location will be revealed).



- Whenever Yoochun is scheduled for filming, once he begins shooting in the morning, regardless of how late he finished his shoot, he will not have any food, and drinks only hot and functional beverages to rejuvenate his energy. As he will feel sleepy once he eats, he does so in order to maximise his concentration on the filming.

- Because of the tight schedule, Yoochun as the male lead has a large filming responsibility every week. Filming till the wee hours of the mornings is considered fortunate, he often has to film overnight. After last week's overnight filming for 4 days straight, he also filmed overnight for 3 days straight this week, Yoochun's working extremely hard.

- Yoochun is very professional and dedicated, the beating scenes and falling scenes are all real, so Yoochun injures himself easily. Of course, Yoochun's hits are real too, as reported in the news. Yoochun immerses into the acting by living as Han Jungwoo, hence the high level of completeness.

- Yoochun has great relationships with the filming crew, despite the filming being difficult, the atmosphere is great. Yoochun even puts his hand around the cameraman's shoulders and chat like brothers do, and is well-mannered and great at livening the atmosphere, it is no wonder that everyone likes Yoochun.

Trans by maettugi

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