For Immediate Release: Message To Our Beloved Amir Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali

Dear Beloved Amir Sheikh Ahmad Iman

We thank Allah almighty for persevering for you for MYC and the rest of the Mujahideen in East Africa. It is with great satisfaction and admiration that we continue to see you sit at the right handside of Amir Sheikh Abu Zubeyr (May Allah Protect him for us) leading the Mujahideen in battle against the Kuffar in Somalia.

It has been many years since you took that moral decision of selflessness to defend and protect Islam by going +252. And since this departure, the cubs you left behind have become lions and some have even dared to join you in the land of Jihad. Today, those fortunate lions with you are a source of inspiration and recruiting force to the up and coming young cubs of East Africa that yearn to spread the sword here in Kenya and beyond.

Praise be to Allah for in the last couple of months, you have delivered messages and lectures to Kenya and the rest of East Africa, warning of the consequences of their refusal to leave Somalia. So far, the Kuffar has refused to leave Somalia, and in return you have sent back lions into Kenya and East Africa to remind them of your prophetic words on the consequences of invading our Muslim land of Somalia.

With the blessing of Allah, both your lions and cubs pledge and declare that we will not end our support to you as our Amir, and nor will we stop spreading the virtues of Jihad throughout East Africa. You have bestowed upon us a gift of understanding the necessity of Jihad and now we are in your debt forever. If only you could see the restlessness of your MYC lions in Nairobi and the eagerness of your cubs on the Coast to spread the sword of Islam throughout East Africa you would be amazed that your messages and lectures have been stamped on our hearts.

With Allah’s blessing we ask that our restlessness and eagerness translate into a Tsunami of Chinja Chonja Fiyeka in Kenya and East Africa, and that our Taqwa continue to remain strong.

We ask that Allah continue to protect you for the Mujahideen in East Africa.


Press Office

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