Quebec has one of the worst Hospital and medical services and it neglects seniors too

It seems these days Prisoners in Jail do not faint in the hallway from lack of food like many seniors do in old age homes now.. where they often even do get sicknesses from others..

We should place all of the elderly persons then in prisons. They will get a shower a day, video surveillance in case of problems, three meals a day, access to a library, computer, TV, gym, doctors on-site, free medication if needed.

And we rather need to Put the criminals in old age, nursing homes. They will have cold meals, lights off at 7 pm, one shower a week, live in a small room and also now pay rent at $4,000 a month!!!

Many matured senior patients with serious medical problems they tend to return solely to the Emergency rooms because they have learned that family doctor does not have the necessary medical equipment, tools, tests to diagnose their SERIOUS MEDICAL PROBLEMS, only the Hospitals tend to have them generally and so they now are regular users of the emergency room..

– A hospital emergency room might not be the best place for the sick and elderly. The risk of acute infection – mostly respiratory and gastrointestinal viruses – following a trip to the emergency room is three times higher among the elderly, according to a study published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Long-term care patients who spent a few hours in an emergency facility were more likely to get sick in two to seven days after returning to their nursing homes. So where are our pretentious health ministers when you need them? Gone fishing?

It’s pretty sad that we treat prisoners better than the elderly….Not only did I witness this often Seniors abuse at at Maison Heron, in Dorval Quebec, but the administrator tried to hide these truths from the public..

Many of us have had to take on the additional essential, important role of being an unexpected care giver towards others. It may be helping now a sick person who is bed ridden and needs to be looked after, or a senior parent who is no longer able to fully look after themselves, a person unable to fully represent themselves. This role has required us to house sit for them, buy them groceries and goods, even to take them to the doctors, hospitals, cook for them and do housekeeping for them.

In the process of looking after others we generally do also encounter other professional care givers, medical ones included.. such as doctors, nurse and here we tend to find out that not all of them are even adequate, some are merely imposters, liars, pretenders, hirelings who are taking the tax payer’s money for a mostly pretentious and very inadequate services. Now sadly these unacceptable hirelings have also included even lawyers, notaries, bank managers, police, and civil and public servants. I personally and rightfully here next have not hesitated to detail, exposé their wrong doings to the proper authorities, news media included. Public exposure and legal prosecution of the guilty persons, their dismissals serves everyone's best interest still too.

Now I again have encountered too many Montreal Hospitals, Old age homes medical and nursing staff as being incompetent, liars, pretenders, not capable of offering, providing the fully need medical services still. Sad isn’t it?

Where were, are their good supervisory managers. Non existent.

My elderly father had asked to be taken to the hospital again because he had severe pain, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, he just recently had congestive heart failure. When he arrived a the hospital on a scale of one to ten his pain was ten. The emergency staff went immediately through their routines, x-rays, blood pressure blood tests, etc.. even some useless ones.. and the actual test results would be next a few hours later as the medical staff paced itself slowly for a hopefully slow evening ahead of them. A variety of problems were considered, infection, pneumonia, bronchitis, water on the lungs.. and needless to say my hungry father was forced to skip his meal as well.. a few hours later with no visible medical actions my father’s had even pain doubled.. I called for the nurse on duty but 15 minutes she did not come cause she was too busy elsewhere. So I demanded immediately to see the doctor now and explained to them all that he was in severe unacceptable pain. Immediately next a variety of simultaneous solutions were incorporated but solely after my demand now, including nitro glycerin spray, a morphine based pain killer, antibiotics. a diuretic pill to remove possible excess water on the lungs as well. Clearly the emergency medical staff here even needed to be better supervised to produce the much need serious results next shown. My father today was admitted to the emergency hospital because of severe pain and breathing problems, turns out that no one at the LGH after this congestive heart failure had firstly even told my father or me that he had to limit his drinking water to two cups a day, a very standard medical advice.. my father was drinking at least 6 cups a day, and even a very young doctor here had quickly discovered the problem now when forced to upon her first serious examination, and she was also able to prescribe an immediate pain killer, morphine base that solved his pain.. and we did not have to wait hours or months for a suitable pain killer too.

On top of that My father has now even been robbed twice in his room, cash was taken from his wallet by the hospital staff in 2 separate hospitals now too. If we cannot trust the staff not to steal money then how can we trust them to provide decent medical services now as well?

My Dad age 87 died on July 26, 2010 in the Verdun Manoir medical convalescent home and he had been in the hospitals, convalescent homes the last 7 months almost.. but my father Ivan Kambulow now he had wanted to die even the last few months because of the severe continual pain he suffered too.. I now have never seen in my whole life a person suffer in pain for such a long time as my father had, he suffered 7 months repeatedly in severe pain. Eventually his wrong doers next will also suffer their real pain in hell

Now over six months I have even detailed the witnessed unacceptable negative acts, unacceptable behaviors of bad nurses, bad doctors, bad social workers in the Montreal wests Island General Hospital, Pointe Claire, Quebec, and a convalescent home, Dorval’s Maison Heron as well

and I have yet to see, receive one positive acts even from the federal or provincial government, Quebec Ombudsman on these matters from anyone and why is that? This is still very unacceptable.

and I have yet to see, receive one positive acts even from the federal or provincial government, Quebec Ombudsman on these matters from anyone and why is that? This is still very unacceptable.

It is also very unacceptable that the Canadian federal government is so readily to take credit for any of it’s programs but it falsely passes the buck when it has to be held accountable especially for medical inadequacies, or police inadequacies too.

Now suddenly at the beginning of this year I was personally forced to take management of my elderly father’s health, banking services, social services and what do I encounter too many still bad people who think they could go on even being bad with even me at the Montreal West Island Lakeshore General Hospital, Maison Herron Convalescent home, the Royal Bank, Members of the legislatures, cabinet ministers, even the bad priest at my father’s church now too, etc.. They now also had picked a fight with the wrong guy any and all of the liars, pretenders, imposters, abusers for when I make a complaint about their bad acts and them too I do rightfully follow it through to the end till I do see their heads roll rightfully too .. these pharisaical, functionaries, bureaucrats now really cannot take an ostrich approach with me hoping I will go away for I already often at the same time do even post their unacceptable wrong doings on the net, for all to know and read about it too. They next also do get really shocked when they see I had written to the top brass about it all now too. Many of them will find it hard to get a decent reference, job next as well when they are rightfully now dismissed too..

With the foreknowledge, suggestion of the Liberal Quebec Premier Jean Charest Government, I have firstly, firsthand rightfully detailed from the start of this year, to major news editors, Ministers, elected representatives as well as posting it on the internet, to the consternation of the medical workers my own much too mammy personal experiences of the unacceptable, too often pretentious, poor medical services towards the senior persons being provided in the major English speaking Montreal hospitals such as the Royal Victoria Hospital Montreal General Hospital, Verdun Hospital and the Montreal West Island Lake Shore Hospital plus the services at the Convalescent Hospital at Dorval, Quebec Maison Herron, Montreal Verdun Manoir Verdun.

In the Montreal Verdun hospital the patients ward does not have air conditioning but where the nurses work it is air conditioned by room window units. Visit the 3 floor for a great example. A sick elderly patient who is often cold, catches a cold easily too, was in one of these rooms for a blood transfusion and the nurse in charge was asked to temporary close the air conditioning for a few hours, but the selfish, self centered nurse next refused to do so because she would have to work under warm conditions. Whose welfare was more important? The Patient got sicker as a direct result too. How will the clearly pretentious, useless Ombudsman reply here?’s-canadian-blog/

My elderly father who is a pretty good judge of characters, now calls our civil and public servants. hospital workers and administrators, and many others, even his church elders and priests, relatives he calls them parasites, thieves, liars, prostitutes.

Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2010


Subject: Re Your letter to me dated March 18, 2010

Get it very clear that I am no doctor so I can freely too complain very loudly to all persons, anyone I want too about anything I want to, even about any of the bad professionals, bad doctors and nurses, and hospital administrators, bad social services, and I do that and I continue will do that for the good of us all too

and the Montreal West Island Lakeshore General Hospital is still one of the worst medical care services in reality, and too many people die there too often due to Hospital acquired sickness still too. Montreal Verdun Hospital is not much better,


and the Mismanagement of the too often unprofessional ombudsmen, doctors, nurses, hospital workers, social service workers will continue?

It is unbelievable that after I had written about it for many years later 15 years even I can go to most local Hospitals or Convalescent homes and there too easily see the typical and mostly poorly supervised doctors, nurse, medical care workers.

Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 4:06 AM
To: Jane Fyfe
Subject: Maison Herron

Now Isn’t it great that now under the Canadian Charter of Rights I can still talk freely even to anyone I want, yes I too now can use my free speech, I can also write freely to any news editor, elected officials, premiers, prime minister, Ombudsmen, etc, about any and all of my or other’s concerns, abuses now too. I can also post them also on the net. Gosh I also even now do not have to take any orders from you or anyone else cause I still do not even work for you , or report to you too or to any one else now as well. Great ehhhh..

Now at Maison Herron they can prepare the food but they can’t seem to deliver the food on time, even almost the whole week.. for making the patients to sit at the table for 30 to 45 minutes before the food is next delivered too often is not good at all still too.

Now at Maison Herron you have some really good workers and some really bad workers.. too many of the medical support staff, Maison Herron Personnel socializing, fraternizing, too often now having a good time with each other, even at the receptionist desk, or in the hallways all at the patients expense is still even now also unacceptable..

A patient yesterday in front of my father’s room was calling loudly often for a nurse, so a worker comes by and says to him, “I am now going for lunch and someone else will eventually come and help you”.. wow.. and what a cold calloused, unacceptable , indifferent approach..

Now at Maison Herron the Workers too often now pretending to sweep, clean the floors was also very unacceptable.

I do also understand it is next to impossible on the second floor now too for a new temporary agency nurse to get all the medication right for all the new patients, when she does not even know where all the medication is, or the faces of the patients .. so my father did not get all of his need mediation as a result . Not acceptable.

I really do appreciate that you do try to feed, move about the wheeled chaired patients who cannot look after themselves. And you do have there also some great nurses and good workers, not just some bad ones.

for over 2 weeks I do write to the pretentious LGH social service director, workers and yet wrongfully they do not write back or return my phone calls cause that is how they also do abuse everyone else it seems. Pretenders are like ostriches they do not like to face negative criticisms of them it seems. I have yet to get one positive reply, act on my many rightful complaints about the very very poor Quebec medical or social services too.

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