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13th Dec 2012 from Twitlonger

[Trans] Generation change of the Screen... Kim So Hyun · Song Joong Ki · Park Yoochun, 3 Heavenly Kings Rise

Park Yoochun's strength is his natural acting skills which allows him to digest any kind of role. Unlike other idol-turned-actors who feels awkward as they cannot throw away the charisma meant to be used on stage, Park Yoochun provides stability to the drama with his natural showcase of acting ranging from normal-life acting to emotional acting. As a member of group JYJ, his worldwide fandom aids is another strength as it aids in the production investment.

(T/N: Omitted parts unrelated to Yoochun and parts similar to other news articles already translated.)

Trans by maettugi
via 暖日呀呀

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