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13th Dec 2012 from Twitlonger

[Trans] GS Shop, Sales of Save the Children's Hat Knitting Kit Spark

Donation item 'Hat Knitting Kit' of the hat knitting campaign by Save the Children sponsored by GS Shop has reached a sale of near 100000 within 50 days, and the campaign is under progress with huge success.

Last month, on the 22nd, as season 6 (of the campaign) began, the Hat Knitting Kit immediately rose to become the No. 1 popular item on internet shopping mall GS Shop. In just a week, the sales number exceeded 10000, and subsequently sold almost 100000 within 50 days. As compared to the sale of 45000 in 50 days when last season's campaign started, the speed (of sales) has almost doubled.

GS Shop and Save the Children has made use of the hot sales by carrying out a wide variety of events and offline events.

Firstly, among customers who purchases season 6's newly released 'Donation Kit' before the 31st, 6 customers will be selected to receive Park Yoochun's autographed 'Special Autographed Kit'. Another 100 customers will be selected to receive Hat Knitting Campaign posters with Park Yoochun as the endorser.

(T/N: Just an article illustrating Yoochun's endorsement power. Omitted parts unrelated to Yoochun)

Trans by maettugi
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