Birthday video for Zayn Malik
Creators; Mariam (@ZaynMalikFan) & Zahra (@ZaynMalik_AUS)
DIRECTIONERS! As you are aware of, in exactly a month it is Zayns 20th birthday, yay! So Mariam(@ZaynMalikFan) and myself Zahra (@ZaynMalik_AUS), have decided to create a birthday video for him, and we WANT YOU TO BE INVOLVED! So if you are interested in participating in this project please read below what you are required to do.

1. Create a fansign/poster for Zayn saying Happy Birthday and you may include any other additional message you desire. It doesn't have to be perfect but please try and put some effort into it.

2. Take an image of yourself holding the poster you created. If you are concerned of your image being on the internet, you don't have to show yourself you can just take a picture of your poster.

3. Send the image to us on Twitter. Either to @ZaynMalikFan or @ZaynMalik_AUS. Pictures must be sent by 25-12-12.

Thats all you have to do to be part of the video, easy :)

You can help this project be more successful by;
- subscribing to our youtube account were the video will be posted {} please ask your followers to subscribe aswell since it would help a lot!
- Also ask your friends or followers to participate as well.
- When the video is posted, tweet Zayn to notice it.
We hope we will have many directioners that participate in the video, and hopefully Zayn will notice it :)xo

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us on twitter ! X

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