Remarkable hospitals of #Arakan for #Rohingya
Have u ever seen, or heard or read any hospital in the world which refused to save a seriously wounded person, or a dying weak lady, or innocent infant? Come and visit to #Arakn State. #Rohingya and Rakhine have been living together like own brothers for centuries but since May 2012, #Rakhine, police, paramilitary, and NaSaKa gathered together to burn,rape, loot,and kill innocent #Rohingya of #Arakan. If a wounded #Rohingya reach to hospital, he is driven out or killed there. If a weak serious #Rohingya woman request to help,authorize person of hospital respond, don't hospitalize here, it is not safe place for you.At the gate of some hospitals, it is written in Burmese "Kalar are not allowed" Have u ever seen or read or watched or heard this kind of inhumane behavior in the world in this Information Age? Please come, come here, I'll show you the reality.

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