#Rohingya are tortured by 800 old dictatorship methods.
800 years ago, Magna Carta could limit power of kings, defend people's right to own properties, to stop trial without producing credible witness to the truth.
Please come and discover here, u can see 800 years old dictator's system. #Rohingya are arrested whenever they want, killed whomever they want, looted whatever #Rohingya belong to. 2 days ago, NaSaKa of Tharekun Baw accompanied by 352 military confiscated 30 arcs of #Rohingya's farm land; Gadusara field-No.122-1,Thare KunBaw feild-No. 5 to 229/3. #Rohingya have been using these lands for farming since centuries ago but NaSaka kept their flag, and announced that whoever try to get these lands will be shot.If any one need real owner's phone number, I can give you.

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