Hi my name is Jocelyn & I snuck into Justin Bieber's meet and greet on December 8th, 2012 at the Y100 Jingle Ball. Lets start this story off with the fact that i've been waiting to get my chance to meet him for 4 years, the first time I ever saw him preform was at a free show in Orlando in 2009. Ive been lucky enough to see him in concert 4 times, but this year I couldn't get a ticket for the Believe tour so I bought a ticket for Jingle Ball in hopes of catching a glimpse of him, also one of my favorite bands Fun. were supposed to preform so I begged and begged my family to buy me a ticket close to the stage and they finally agreed that it would be my only Christmas present, & i'm totally okay with that. So I woke up at 8 a.m to get ready, finally the day had come, Jingle Ball started at 6:30 p.m but I wanted to be ready early so I could get there when Justin arrived. I went to the BB&T Center and met my friend Nikki there at the stage where Ed Sheeran was preforming before the show. Ok you're going to judge me but in a previous Justin Bieber concert 2 years ago in that same arena, I hid in the trees and bushes next to the fence where Justin's Bus was to pull in and it did, but the paparazzi found where I was hiding and decided it would a brilliant idea to climb the tree I was standing next to so they could get a picture of Justin and the security came and kicked us out -.- I hated them so much, they ruined it for me. All I wanted was to just catch a glimpse of Justin. Ive attempted many times to meet him but every attempt has faltered so I was determined to meet him when he comes here for the Believe tour, but Jingle Ball came along so since I had a ticket I was going to try to meet him somehow. Okay well anyways, I was with my friend Nikki and I wanted to go down to where I was 2 years ago when I saw Justin pull into the arena so we walked down there and it was fenced off, but there were people standing down there with Justin Bieber shirts and hats so we decided to stand there in hopes that he would be getting there soon but after about 4 hours of waiting we decided to just go back to see Ed Sheeran preform because Justin was running late so there was no way he would stop for us anyways. The doors opened and I saw my friend Nicole, she wanted to know what time Ed's meet and greet was but I had no idea. She said the security had the schedule of the meet and greets so we asked the security for the paper and I read that Justin was having a meet and greet at 9:30 @indoor/main entrance, and I was thinking where is that?? So I asked a man that worked there and he said it was just the front entrance so since I had a ticket in Section 2 and my friend Nikki had a ticket in the 400's, I told her to just meet me in front of the 105 bathrooms at 9 p.m. I checked a security's list again to see what time who was preforming and I only bought a ticket up close because Fun. was preforming and I've been dying to see them for so long so I didn't want to miss them and risk the chance of not meeting Justin. Turns out Fun. canceled and I was Devastated. It was 9 p.m and I ran to meet my friend Nikki and I burst into tears, I made my family pay so much money for that ticket and Justin was running late as well so I didnt even see him, it was just a mess. At that point I just wanted to cry and cry, but I wiped away my tears in the bathroom and I fixed my make up. Then my friend Nikki walked in the bathroom and I told her, we're sneaking into Justin's meet and greet no matter what. We're doing it, I paid too much money for my ticket, I don't care what we have to do but we're going to meet Justin Bieber. So Nikki agreed and we went out to where all the meet and greet people were standing. We walked up to 4 girls and we asked "what do you need for the Justin Bieber meet and greet?" & they told us you needed a paper and there was a list of names and you had to show your id and they would give you a blue wristband. Nikki and I just looked at each other and were like O were screwed. The 4 girls told us security was really strict and there was no way we'd be able to sneak in. But I wasn't going to give up so easily, I told them that I would sneak in no matter what. They wished us luck and went on their way to the elevator to proceed to the meet and greet. I had to think quick because there wasnt much time left, everyone was starting to go into the elevator. I remembered before I left my house I grabbed 4 index cards and a blue marker just in case I met Justin and I wanted to write down my Twitter name or something. So I took out the index cards and cut them into the shape of the wristbands and colored them with my blue marker. Nikki was pretty nervous about the whole thing but there was no way I was going to let her back out. We put the index card that was shaped like a wristband, under our bracelets to stay on our wrists and keep the shape of a wristband. We followed the VIP group to the entrance of the elevator but the guy was checking wristbands and noticed mine wasn't real. There were other girls trying to get in too and they started crying and making a scene so while security was distracted with them I decided to run past the security and run to the elevator but she grabbed me and pulled me out. I lost hope but I wasn't going to give up, I was going to meet Justin somehow. So I ran back to the elevator we were standing near earlier, and there were people waiting to go in that had Justin Bieber meet and greet wristbands so I told Nikki we would go in the elevator with them and she was kinda hesitant but we did it. There's security in the elevator that checks if you have a pass to go to the 1st floor and we were scared they would notice our wristbands were fake but luckily it was an old man with bad vision and when he asked if we had passes everyone showed there's and Nikki & I just said Yeah... & showed him our wristbands & he believed it and took us down to a hallway where some other Meet and Greet people were. Nikki and I were trying to stay unnoticed by the other security guards and I was hoping the guy that noticed my bracelet was fake wasn't down there. Nikki and I stayed calm but inside we were so nervous, I was trying to stay positive and I'm really happy I didn't give up. A guy came out and said Justin was going to be late and it would be a while till we got to meet him so he offered the crowd to either get moved to another lobby or go back to the show, which was not an option for us cause how were we supposed to sneak back in... no, we already got that far, there was no turning back now. So I told the guy we all wanted to move to another lobby so we did! We got put in another room with the other VIPs that went down the other elevator earlier where I got caught. We saw the 4 girls we met earlier and told that we would get in somehow. They were so happy for us and amazed that we got in. I couldn't even process anything, so many emotions were running through my head, I thought of all Ive been through for that moment that was going to happen in a couple of minutes. A man came in the room and said it would be 10 minutes, and then 10 minutes passed and he came back and said 5 minutes, then 5 minutes would pass and he would say 5 more minutes. The meet and greet was supposed to be at 9:30 p.m and it ended up being at 10:45 p.m, I didn't mind waiting for Justin, I mean I'd wait on him forever I had no problem with him being late, it was just the tension of knowing if we actually pulled it off or not. Finally they take us out of the room and we formed a line in a hallway, and the line went by quickly, once we entered the room my friend Nikki caught a glimpse of him and smiled at me and says "He's right there Jocelyn look!" so I got on my tippy toes and I saw him. That was it. I was honestly the happiest girl in the world. I had officially snuck into Justin Bieber's Meet and Greet & gotten away with it. 4 Years of my life, worshiping this boy and he was right in front of me, I cant even describe how I was feeling. He's my everything, i've been waiting for that moment for so long. I HONESTLY NEVER THOUGHT THE DAY WOULD COME. Never Say Never right? The Security moved us up, and they said we needed a group of 6 people, so Nikki and I decided we would take the picture with the 4 girls we met there and they agreed. 1 problem though, there was six of us and 1 Justin which means only 2 people would be next to him, Nikki knew hes been my everything since day 1 and the other girls understood my love for him as well and they all agreed that I could stand on the left side of him and their other friend who loved him as well would stand on the right side of him. I'm so thankful I met these 4 girls, they were very understanding and sweet. So the moment I was waiting for had finally arrived, we were next and I walked up to Justin first and he turned towards me and honestly ive prepared for this moment and my mind went completely blank. All that came out of my mouth was " Can I hug you?" and in his beautiful sweet voice he says "Yeah! Of course :) " and he hugged me and my head rested perfect on his neck & I was so D O N E, I couldn't even process anything. The photographer took a photo and I was giving Justin a hug goodbye and security pulled us apart and dragged my group away. It was all over in the blink of an eye but so well worth it. I will never forget that moment. I walked out of the meet and greet room and the tears came pouring out, I just cried and cried I couldn't even breathe, was that real? Did i really sneak in and meet JUSTIN BIEBER, WHAT! It all happened so quickly but one day we'll meet again and hopefully I'll get to tell him how much he truly means to me. I'm THE happiest girl in the world. Never give up guys it will happen one day, and honestly, Never Say Never.

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