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7th Dec 2012 from Twitlonger

ASM #699 SPOILERS. So? You want to feel better about what happened in ASM #699 on Page 8? (And possibly your own state of mind?) :-)

***SPOILERS. Don't read on if you HAVEN'T read the issue yet.***

IF your mind went to a scary, scary place in ASM #699, Page 8 (a place BEYOND getting kissed by your Aunt)...

...here is a restrained out (for some of you sick, sick, sick people).

Aunt May was FULLY clothed in her wedding dress in one panel.
Aunt May is an octogenarian. She is not the fastest person in the world.
In the space BETWEEN panels, she would BARELY have enough time to START undressing.
And seeing THAT would STILL cause Peter Parker to scream.
Aaaand end scene (before it gets to the sick, sick, sick place where SOME of you took it to). :-P

Always keep in mind, when there is a moment that takes place BETWEEN panels, it is all in YOUR imagination. YOU control what happens in that scene-- AND for how long that scene goes on.

We good now? ;-)

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