You are all SICK! :-P ASM #699 SPOILERS (Don't click if you haven't read #699 first)

You read ASM #699, Page 8, Panel 5, and YOU walked away thinking:


WHAT?! Where was THAT in the book?

It's a panel of a FULLY CLOTHED Aunt May in a wedding dress as she's about to KISS the reader.
She says that there's something she and her groom SHOULDN'T do before the wedding...

You know what a groom isn't supposed to do before the wedding? He's not supposed to SEE the bride.



And then we cut away BEFORE the kiss connects.

The next shot is of a closed door.

ANYTHING that happened BETWEEN the panels happened in YOUR OWN MIND.

Like a Rorschach test, YOU were reading into that scene with whatever baggage YOU brought with you.
Any icky/disgusting things that took place between Aunt May and Doc Ock (in Doc Ock's memories) were things that YOUR imagination came up with.

Shame on you. :-P

Any 8 year old kid who read that scene probably thought about how icky it'd be to be kissed by one of their old, wrinkly aunts.

What did YOU think happened there? :-/

ttyl ;-)

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