Sarah Braverman pulled a Rory Gilmore tonight. For those of you not schooled in the crimes of romantic terrorist Rory Gilmore, here is how you Pull A Rory Gilmore:

You get into a relationship with [Person A], who loves you very much and is always good to you and is nice to your family and who does wonderful things for you. But then you meet [Person B]. [Person B] does not bring out the best side of you, but you start to fall for [Person B] anyway.

BUT you have no intention of being a DECENT HUMAN BEING and breaking things off with [Person A] before embarking on an intense emotional (not physical) affair with [Person B]. You just slowly prioritize [Person B] until [Person A] is so beaten down and broken and sad and lonely that [Person A] is forced to break up with YOU. Because you are PRETTY TERRIBLE AT RELATIONSHIPS.

[Dean] [Jess]
[Dean] [Logan]
[Mark] [Hank]
[Stefan] [Damon]

I. could. go. on.

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