ENG Trans <12/5 韓fan>


KR star team PLAYBOYS got 1 point at 9 inning (2 outs, 2 base).
At that time's pinch hitter is Kang-Minhyuk(CNBLUE Drummer).

The 23,421 people audience cheered when he get to batter box.
He hold a black bat on the box,and send some signals for the referee.
But the ball which thrown by JP pitcher come close to his body.
The playboys were excited coz it seems keep away from the ball,but actually that is dead ball.
After that MH reached first base and smiled^^

This is the first time MH attending it.
First,he just attend to base coacher but at the last inning when JP team got 2 points and changeover arranged his box.

MH was surprised and became happy when JP player gave his glove for MH.

The game finished at 5-6,and Playboys lost the game.

Bur It became the day which isn't able to forget for MH.

Trans by @chocominhyuk

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