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5th Dec 2012 from Twitlonger

[Summary] Yeo Jin Goo meentions Yoochun in interviews

'Missing You' Yeo Jin Goo, "Park Yoochun hyung, it seems he does resembles me"

On the morning of 4th, Yeo Jin Goo through an interview with MBC 'Good Day-Entertainment Plus' mentioned that he resembles Park Yoochun, "Saw the news pictures, it seems we do look alike".

Yeo Jin Goo also said, "Park Yoochun hyung is fair and pretty, so I had been worried initially if we would be alike, but after looking, we do look rather alike", and smiled embarassingly.


Yeo Jin Goo had felt a slight burden towards Park Yoochun who received the baton of the role 'Han Jungwoo'

Q) How is Park Yoochun like in real life?
A) He is handsome. Really very handsome. To say if I was worried over anything, it would be that my skin is tanned, and my built is bigger. But Yoochun hyung is very fair and slim.

Trans by maettugi
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